Message from Pro Vice-Chancellor


We have much in common with AOD; we are both pioneers. Northumbria University Design has its roots in one of the UK's first state design schools, and AOD pioneered many things for design in Sri Lanka.



Pro Vice-Chancellor Northumbria University
(Business and Enterprise)

 We’re thrilled to be partnering with the first campus in Sri Lanka to award completely internal design degrees from a British university. A 100% internationally trained faculty from all over the world delivers Northumbria UK’s very same programmes and teaching excellence to our Sri Lankan students with continuing faculty training and bridging programmes with our UK campus. What helps us stay ahead and build an innovative community of designers is our combined passion for design and its potential to create a positive social impact in both our countries, making this collaboration a powerful one with remarkable focus. If you have the same drive, ambition and desire to make the world better through your contribution as a designer, and want to become more than you ever imagined you could be, join our intake in Sri Lanka! You are all very welcome indeed. We are proud to share Northumbria’s awardwinning education and vision with you. Having found the ideal partner to deliver identical education quality standards as our campus in the UK, we look forward to seeing what South Asia does with the very best of British design education.