Northumbria University Newcastle is one of the best recognised British universities with an impressive ranking as one of the top five in Europe (Newsweek, ‘09). With Britain’s legendary status as the world creative hub, Northumbria extends its students an opportunity to graduate with a UK design degree that is recognised all over the world.

Northumbria has a proud history of over 160 years and has produced some of the biggest design names in the world. This includes Sir Jonathan Ive – the design chief of Apple Inc. and Warren Trezevant of Pixar Animation behind the making of big movies like ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Up!’ as well as designers for major brands such as Adidas, Black and Decker, Mars, Ford/Volvo, Puma, IDEO, Nokia, Philips, Samsung, JCB, Hewlett Packard and Lego. Northumbria degrees are a highly respected design passport to work anywhere in the world and powers the careers of young aspiring designers.

At AOD in Sri Lanka, Northumbria presents the same excellence of British design education in an identical form. With an international faculty validated by Northumbria UK and assessments directly by the university, AOD is able to present a unique Northumbria experience right here in Sri Lanka.

Why get your Northumbria degree at AOD?
Because Northumbria’s BA (Hons) Design degrees in Fashion & Textile Design, Fashion Marketing & Design, Visual Communication Design, Motion Graphics and Animation Design, Interior Design And 3D Product & Furniture Design, are now available in a 100% internal, complete manner at AOD in Sri Lanka. 

What does this mean?
It means you receive a well rounded global design degree, directly from a prestigious British university, without having to leave Sri Lanka. This also presents a financial advantage saving up to almost 1/3 of the cost to receive the identical degree certification to studying in the UK. This provides a unique opportunity for students to graduate with a complete British design degree that enables them to work anywhere in the world. The Northumbria University degrees at AOD are the only complete British design degrees that can be completed in a 100% internal manner in Sri Lanka.