Industry testimonials

"On behalf of MAS Holdings, I would like to recognize AOD for playing an important role in the education and development of design competency as the center for South Asian Operations to Northumbria University – School of Design, UK. Design will play a crucial role in the future of the Sri Lankan Apparel industry and MAS Holdings recognizes the importance of instilling creativity in young minds through design education." 

Deshamanya Mahesh Amalean
Chairman, MAS Holdings



"I commend AOD for its continued efforts in the development of the creative industries and administering internationally recognized Design Education from the prestigious Northumbria University - School of Design in the UK. I am certain that these efforts will lead to the development of the next generation of fashion graduates with the requisite skills that the market demands to support the growth of the industry."

Ashroff Omar
CEO, Brandix Lanka Limited



"We believe that today’s young creative talent must be nurtured and encouraged to meet their growing aspirations. The creative and design industries are also constantly looking to hire bright young individuals in the creative and design fields and the opportunities for employment are growing every day. As the leading communications group in the country we are encouraged with the role that AOD is playing in helping to meet this need by joining forces with the Northumbria University-School of Design of UK. No doubt this will be a great boost not just in Sri Lanka."
Neela Marikkar
Chairperson, Dentsu Grant Group


"AOD is doing a great job in developing the design industry and what is most interesting as an architect and a designer is the multi-disciplinary influences that every graduate from AOD has that adds value to the industry."
Ruchi Jeyanadan