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Getting started at AOD
Applying to AOD is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply filled the request form and will contact you. That’s it! Applications are accepted at any time throughout the year; there are no deadlines to apply. Admission results normally take between two and four weeks.
Experience AOD for yourself
Daily tours, admission events, AOD Days, virtual reality walk-throughs and more. The admission office can help you design your day to fit your specific interests.
Join in special events for prospective students
AOD offers a number of options for prospective students and their families to explore locations, discover programs, and meet faculty and current students. Admission calendar
Choosing your design undergrad is a big decision that will affect your future in a big way.So, it's important that you make the right decision and ask the right questions when you visit your potential University. Is it a complete degree? How many of your graduates are employed, and what kind of companies hired them? Is it approved by the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka?We've got the answers. If you're looking to get the best education, exposure, industry links and also end up with an amazing design career too, AOD's got it all. With an extensive range of courses, a diverse faculty and modern resources, learning design at AOD is guaranteed to help you conquer the world of design.Here's why AOD is your best bet to start a life in design.
- When you enrol at AOD, you are registered as a student of Northumbria University UK
- an approved university by the University Grants Commission Sri Lanka.
- This means that you receive the identical degree certificate as your peers in the UK campus and are invited to graduate at the Northumbria University graduation ceremony in the UK or in Colombo.
- AOD's 100% International faculty maintains the same teaching standards as Northumbria UK.
- You can also get moderated by the same examination board as your peers in the Northumbria UK campus.
- You can access built-in industry internships at some of the biggest business names through AOD's amazing industry links.
- AOD graduate employment programme has maintained a 100% success in the last 7 years!
- You get access to all Northumbria University international learning resources, AOD’s own campus facilities and design studio resources.
- After graduating, you become part of Northumbria’s world-class design alumni next to the likes of Sir Jonathan Ive, design chief of Apple.