About AOD-GS

AOD Graduate School to offer 3 future forward MA programs in partnership with world renowned De Montfort University

AOD prides itself on being the trusted partner for design led industries in Sri Lanka with its track record of producing employable designers that are fully aligned and up-to-date with industry developments. With the rapidly changing dynamics of the industry, accelerated by the socio-economic changes brought about by the global pandemic, the future demands a new type of talent with a unique skill set with creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship qualities being at their core.

To fulfill and support the demands of the industry and ensure those currently working in the industry remain relevant and ahead, AOD launched its Graduate School offering 3 future forward MA programs:  in Design Innovation, Design Management & Entrepreneurship and Contour Fashion via De Montfort University Partnership.

“The traditional employee - employer as we know it, is over.  There is no better sector to embrace this disruption and lead it than the creative sector. Creativity and innovation has always disrupted and led the way” says Linda Speldewinde, Founder and Chairperson of AOD.

Further sharing her view on the jobs of the future and role of designers, she adds “Progressive designers are well poised to lead industries in its next phase of transformation. Design has never been limited to aesthetic. It’s a mindset and way of solving problems with creativity. Those who are able to couple their creativity with entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills will be unstoppable. AOD Grad School aims to support the industry by providing such talent the future will demand and will continue to strengthen its position as a total design education provider and trusted partner by industry”

Creating dynamic innovators and entrepreneurs to lead industry transformation

MA Design Innovation and the MA in Design Management and Entrepreneurship will no doubt be highly sought after qualifications in the future across industries and provides the opportunity for those who have followed a related field in their undergraduate studies or has relevant industry experience to upskill themselves.

The MA Design Innovation explores key design skills and creative outlook to complement individual career aspirations and can be tailored accordingly. It opens diverse avenues across sectors for those who want to build their own businesses or work at a company. This dynamic program will be attractive whether your design interests lie in retail, product design or interior, footwear or visual communication and more! As such opens a diverse set of pathways to explore by equipping you to create and produce innovative design products alongside a deep understanding of marketing and business strategy.

The other program, MA Design Management and Entrepreneurship develops the key skills and innovative approach required by entrepreneurs and industry professionals. The program will teach you to examine global challenges in the business of design, enhance your knowledge of specialist design management and develop your skills as a future entrepreneur in the creative industry. It explores the use of design management and design thinking, brand management, examining the role of design in service industries and developing business planning skills with awareness in international markets.

Producing contour fashion specialists that will be irreplaceable in the competitive and dynamic apparel industry

Contour Fashion is a huge, established and specialized field within fashion design. It is defined by garments worn close to, or shaping the contours of the human form, including corsetry, lingerie, swimwear, performance sportswear, nightwear and athleisure. The Contour Fashion Innovation MA from DMU is one of the very few in the world in this area and has its strong focus to upskill fashion or textile graduates who want to specialize in contour design or up skill to support industry.

The apparel industry in Sri Lanka has brought much global recognition to the island with its ethical and sustainable production of apparel for iconic brands around the world especially in specialist fields such as lingerie, swimwear, performance wear and athleisure. The sector is changing rapidly with shifts in consumer behavior and trends, a change accelerated by the global pandemic. The specialist contour fashion products which is what a significant portion of the Sri Lankan apparel sector is engaged with, is in even high demand following the global shift to remote working which has led to a growth in comfort-inspired, fashion-driven work attire.

With the trust of the iconic global brands to produce technical products in the lingerie, performance wear, athleisure, swimwear etc., Sri Lanka’s apparel sector is on its journey towards becoming a specialist manufacturing hub for contour fashion.

The demand for contour fashion designers and specialist therefore becomes much more evident given the dynamic nature of this sector and the unique skills required to excel further, elevate the standards of the apparel industry to greater heights in the global field, and secure it’s positioning as a specialist fashion manufacturing hub.

The contour fashion program by DMU is a highly sought after qualification. Its curriculum is is always informed by industry itself, which ensures that those who follow it are fully aligned with the latest sector developments, making them relevant, up-to-date. DMU has unparalleled links with the UK and global intimate apparel industry and has been specifically designed to meet the changing requirements of this global fashion business. AOD Graduate School now brings this renowned program to Sri Lanka, making it much more accessible to a wider audience.

An opportunity to be an unstoppable design force in the industry

Whether it be establishing one’s own business and starting an entrepreneurial journey or working for a company and being an intrapreneur, AOD through its MA programs will create the right talent with the right skills to be future proof. 

AOD established design as a profession through quality design education two decades ago, and increased the accessibility to international undergraduate design qualifications to Sri Lankans and its neighbours. Now, it further widens the opportunities with its MA qualifications.

With opportunities to dive into live industry projects and be up to date with the latest sector developments AOD’s Graduate School offers an unmatchable array of future forward Masters qualifications that will ensure you are a step ahead. Attractive financial schemes are also in place for those interested.