Design Foundation Program

Open up an early pathway to get into a modern career that presents an enormous amount of opportunities whether you want to find professional success or discover postgraduate education. Fast Track Design Foundation is a six month program to stimulate creative thinking, innovation and idealization to help you take on any of tomorrow’s careers in design with direct entry to Northumbria University, UK BA (Hons) Design Degree. Request information
6 months program (fast track)
8 months program
Sketchbook and Journal Development 
A sketchbook is a designer's best friend. It is a place of complete inspiration and full of exciting drawings, thoughts and scribbles. The best things can come from a very small sketch of an idea- the smallest, quickest ideas can grow into huge concepts and great design. 
Design Thinking and Realization 
Through this module, students will be exposed to new ways of thinking and approaching design. Through lectures on the fundamental building blocks of design, students will learn the necessary skills to advance to first year of design course. 
The Zeitgeist 
As designers,it is very important that we take influence from all around us. You are designers who are studying in Sri Lanka but will be working globally. In this module, you will be required to detail what inspires you. Understanding, investigating will even drive you to a better level of thinking and allow you to explore new and exciting ideas, resulting in unique creative impact. 
The Language of Design 
This module will prepare the students to step into their first year with confidence and equipped with the knowledge and strategies to achieve best from university learning. The material deals with both design related and personal life related matters encouraging students to find their personal strength and work to improve on and manage weaknesses. 
Visual Style and Illustration 
Comprehension of the fundamentals of illustration is very important. Illustration is a personal exploration, and everyone has their own style of exploring visual styles, covering photography, mixed media, observational drawings, collage etc. The aim of this module is to introduce the students to drawing through a series of creative workshops 
World of Design Workshops 
Through this course students will be exposed to many experts from different backgrounds and disciplines from all over the design and fine art world. Students will have two three-hour workshops with each design expert. These will cover everything from drawing portraits, the basics of Photoshop and working on ‘mini’ design briefs.

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