Alumni Stories

"I have also been intrigued by the theoretical aspects of design and always enjoyed studying about art history, anatomy and design principles and branding at AOD. It helped broaden my 3D vocabulary and skills to industry standards. I also completed an internship during my second year at Vega Innovations the company behind Sri Lanka's first supercar. I think this experience and countless others put me in a position which really accelerated my career after graduation. "




“I always found inspiration in spaces and objects that occupied them. The appeal was in having the freedom to change things around and give life to my own ideas. Using space and interior creatively to me was breathing new life to a room, changing its aesthetic and giving it a new personality. Coming from a background in Science, I realised its conformity did not appeal to me. I found comfort and happiness in design” 




"My design journey and professional education began at AOD. It was from here that I truly found myself, along with the amazing lecturers and people I met along throughout three and a half years! This has paved the foundation and stepping-stones to what I have achieved and what I will be. I have had many memorable experiences at AOD from winning the ‘Student Graduate Industry Collaboration’ award at the ‘Mercedes Benz Fashion and Apparel Awards Sri Lanka’, winning the International catwalk competition at Graduate Fashion Week and going on showcase at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week."


Award-winning International Fashion Designer.



"Joining AOD changed my whole life. The culture and the educational background offered at AOD were so different from what I was used to and the students had so much talent and dedication. The Fashion Design Degree at AOD was very hands on and the International exposure I got while studying such as showcasing my collections twice in UK – once at London Fashion week AW 2014 International Fashion Showcase Future Sustainable Fashion Exhibition has made a major impact on inspiring me and improving my work."





"The beginning of my career as a design entrepreneur was because of AOD- From handling finances, advertising/promotion, production quality maintenance, store merchandising to even etiquette in maintaining client-relationships was taught to me. It was an amazing infrastructure that covered every aspect of business start-ups and I’m truly thankful for it. My most prominent achievement was to be part of the first-ever Sri Lankan delegation for the prestigious London Fashion Week in 2013 –It’s a milestone in my life. I never thought my brand will reach such lengths in such a short time, and I’m thankful to AOD for making it happen." 


Founder, House of Lonali



"AOD is where I found my way to become an all-rounder designer. AOD has not only helped me with international opportunities but also the education at AOD is what prepped me for this career in design. The fantastic international faculty at AOD has always given me their fullest support and I think it’s a place that can do wonders for designers like me."





"I can’t thank AOD enough for being part of my growth as a designer and an entrepreneur even years after I graduated. The 2016 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Runways presented by AOD where Pras and Danties was part of the SS17 travel collections launched worldwide was such a huge opportunity for me and it really pushed me forward in terms of professional and personal growth. I’m glad I made the right choice in education because it has certainly come a long way for me."


Founder, Pras & Danties


"AOD laid the foundation for my degree with the unconditional help and support from my lecturers. They were able to help me love designing even more than I already did. They helped me grow and understand the fashion industry in a whole other level. There’s so much that goes in to my brand X.TINA that I have learnt at AOD and I’m forever thankful that my father was able to support me pursue my dreams."


Founder, X.TINA


"What I value the most about the higher education I received from AOD is my ability to conceptualise. Also while at AOD I studied the complexities of different interior design genres such as; commercial, retail, exhibition, hospitality and residential design. This increases the scope of work I can take on. My then lecturers still continue on as lifelong mentors and AOD also provides a lot of support to its entrepreneurial alumni." 

Director and Principal Designer at LADYNEON Pvt. Ltd


"I started with Design Foundation and then moved on to my Degree in Interior Design. I had great lecturers at AOD who worked tirelessly to bring out my true potential. What I like about AOD the most was that we were not restricted to classroom lectures. We had a lot of practical exposure where we visited creations by legendary Architects of Sri Lanka, Art Exhibitions and local and foreign Study Tours. Once completing my education at AOD I was quite confident to start working in the industry; thanks to my lecturers who sharpened my skills and built my confidence by sharing their knowledge and real life experiences."


Founder, Shenali de Fonseka Interior Design


"The kind of education I received at AOD was not always textbook-based and our classes included many opportunities that exposed us to the world out there. We were trained in presentation skills and project managing skills as students. Whilst the local architects and designers who taught us brought us an expert education in the local industry, the foreign lecturers broke our thinking patterns and opened our minds to the bigger picture. Creativity comes from being best informed, and today, my own practice, ‘Interiors by Radhia Hassen’ benefits from my insistence of challenging local methods and pushing towards the more globally-appreciated ones."


Founder, Interiors by Radhia Hassen

"The exposure to International artists/designers and lecturers opened up my mind to newer possibilities. AOD’s culture is quite unique and it’s where I was nurtured to be a Creative Entrepreneur. It was more than just design education; it was an experience which changed my life."


Co-Founder, KINGS Co.



"My time at AOD really allowed me to connect with myself and experiment to identify what my talents are. They nurtured and encouraged me to become the designer/ entrepreneur that I am today. Thanks to the resources and connections I made at AOD that I was able to launch my jewellery brand as I graduated. Since then I have collaborated with other designers to showcase my jewellery at several international runways and stores."


Founder, Sour Metal and Samsara 



"My motivation to make positive change in people's lives through human-centered design is a passion that I cultivated as I began my career in visual communication at AOD. Throughout this design journey, I was provided with opportunities that allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and enter new surroundings and cultures that opened up a whole new learning experience for me, paving the way for achievements such as the opportunity of representing AOD and Sri Lanka at the Spikes Creative Academy 2019 in Singapore. The education and experiences at AOD definitely elevated my career in design and motivated me to live by my personal brand mantra ‘Never Stop Exploring’."




“While I was at UOM, I was fortunate enough to participate in a few workshops hosted by AOD. From my first workshop, the impression AOD left with me was great and the environment just clicked. I liked how people looked, how they spoke and how included I felt. When I joined AOD everything fell into place. I enjoyed my programme so much. It didn’t seem like I was studying, it was more like a hobby. By the time I graduated, I could visualise my journey ahead and I knew that the decision I made was the right one."





"AOD is where it all began for me. I was always interested in clothing that bring both art and function together. During my time at AOD, it helped me develop a broader scope throughout my learning curve with the immense support and guidance I received from the lecturers to the connections I have built and the exposure AOD has given me.

The program offered an overall career that was beyond a degree; it gave me many opportunities to explore my potential as a designer and explore a variety of career opportunities where after my graduation I joined Inqube Solutions - the apparel innovation arm of Brandix. My journey with AOD has many milestones including an internship with MAS Active, a sponsorship by MAS Linea NXT, SDC Competion-Finalist, winning the Redress Design Award - Runner-up Prize 2020 and now continuing with my MA in Design Innovation at AOD Graduate School."