International Diploma in Graphic Design



Become a directional designer with a creative vision and commercial realism to uphold your career within the graphic design sector. Obtain the formal qualifications needed to meet the competitive industry requirements as well as new and upcoming opportunities around the globe.

Why Study Graphic Design? 

Students are prepared to be innovative  and entrepreneurial graphic designers  within a field that is rapidly opening  up beyond being solely a client-driven  professional service of providing conventional communication products.  Each student is made ready to enter  an area of diverse creative practices  of synthesizing new technologies,  traditional crafts, and knowledge sets from  scientific and technical disciplines into  contextually responsive strategies of visual  representation and communications. 

Graphic Designers Like Working  With Multiple Mediums 

Graphic designers will work with numerous  mediums including print, web, interactive  design, video and various forms of three dimensional experiential design to deliver  a precise and targeted communication. All  mediums have some factors in common  - typography, time, color and form are  just a few common elements in a graphic  designer’s toolbox. 

Graphic Designers Seek To  Understand The Communication  Problem 

Graphic designers are excellent critical  thinkers and creative problem solvers,  their role is to understand, create and  disseminate information. Trained to  understand the client’s needs, graphic  designers will ask questions to bring to  light the attributes of the audience, then  build a process to explore options for the  design of the communication. They manage,  structure and embed information in the  most engaging manner while delivering  the appropriate information to elicit the  desirable response from the audience.

Graphic designers are skillful  and knowledgeable 

Because they work across so many mediums  graphic designers are talented print, web  and multimedia specialists who can apply  their strategic thinking skills to a number  of professional careers where visually  communicating to an audience is required.  Our alumni are proof of this as they work  across a number of design related fields,  why not read their stories below.