Situated in Sri Lanka's busy commercial hub Colombo, AOD is a dedicated design school made to deliver a world-class design education. Complete with design studios, Apple i-mac digital laboratories, fashion making and styling facilities, screen-printing studio and even Sri Lanka's largest dedicated design library, AOD's got it all when it comes to delivering industry standard training in design.Our students are encouraged to work at AOD at the many student lounges within the building. And, it's not just work; music, play and inspiring each other are a big part of life at AOD. 
Here's a closer look at what you can discover at AOD.
Design is a hands-on learning process; so, we have dedicated large working-studio spaces and workshops that accommodate various design disciplines from fashion, interior design, animation, graphic design etc.. Our wi-fi enabled digital laboratories are equipped for research, high quality rendering, 3D modelling etc.

Presented in forms of high-tech Apple i-Mac lab equipped with the latest software and working facilities, these laboratories are available for lectures and student work.  AOD students also get access to some of the best online resources for design such as the world renowned design research network WGSN© made accessible under an exclusive access code for students of Northumbria University UK and the cutting-edge design technology of TukaTech© 
Our Sewing & Pattern Making Studio with industry standard sewing and finishing machines also have three qualified technicians available to assist to you. The Textile & Print studio has an extensive collection of fabric, print and yarn samples and is equipped with traditional machines like the hand-loom as well as modern equipment.
Our visual communication department houses a screen print studio, working studios for lectures and discussions as well as light tracing LED screens, scanners, digital printers, cameras and other equipment for graphic design or animation.  True to global standards, our entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled, giving you the flexibility to work from any location and access a variety of online resources.
In addition, you will have access to design books, design cult movies, documentaries, magazines, newspapers and research material, at the AOD design library. Our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is based on MOODLE, a dynamic learning system used by universities around the world. You will have access to the Northumbria University UK, VLE which allows you to interact online with your lectures and other students in Sri Lanka and the UK, access your assignments, project briefs, hand-outs, class discussions, resource links and much more.