The Widening Global and Future Scope of Motion Graphics & Animation

Explored by AOD’s BA (Hons) Motion Graphics & Animation design programme that spans across industries both locally and globally

While only a few years ago motion graphics and animation design was perceived as a specialty skill, today, it is almost omnipresent. From playful GIFs to the special effects in our favourite shows, from eye-catching advertising content to weather reportage, from medical visualisations to test-driving simulations, the role of a motion graphics and animation designer is now as versatile as it is impactful.

Motion design adapts with the times. Heavily influenced by popular culture, design trends, and the evolution of technology, -and also with its capacity to set create highly personalised and authentic visual experiences-, a degree in motion design can no longer be understated.

Multidisciplinary in Nature

While the common misconception is that motion graphics and animation can only be put to use exclusively in the TV industry, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although animation does remain most prominent in film and television, in recent years, more companies –across a broad spectrum of industries- have started incorporating motion design into their brands, products,
and strategies.

Poornima Meegammana Director of Youth Development at the Shilpa Sayura Foundation and founder of the NextGen Girls in Technology programme, a 2017 graduate of AOD’s BA (Hons) Motion Graphics and Animation Design and most recently featured under Forbes 30 under 30 Asia – Social Impact list,  can confirm to this, “Animation is a big part of the film and television industry however it is not the only industry that animation is a part of. Animation plays a role in the gaming industry, education, architecture and even businesses, and I as a designer get to use animation skills to work with clients in all these industries.”

Animation and motion design are key aspects of UX design and brand communication for example. Whether creating simulations in high-risk fields such as construction and transportation, or producing 3D animations for manufacturing processes, be it in the field of finance, agriculture, fashion, and even healthcare; when it comes down to it, motion design trends and techniques create visual elements so as to communicate meaning – and this in essence is what makes it so multidisciplinary.

Broad Career Scope

A multidisciplinary degree inevitably leads to a multitude of career options. As mentioned previously, motion designers can find work -and also play a crucial role- across a diverse array of fields that one wouldn’t ordinarily expect. Additionally, in larger organisations, in-house motion design teams are becoming increasingly common. Motion graphics and animation graduates have branched out as animators, art directors, concept artists, creative directors, film directors, story board artists, games developers, graphic designers, and so much more. Additionally, a flexible skillset has meant that for many, the transition from one creative-industry role to another comes easily.

Global Demand

As the demand for video content rises, the international market for skilled motion designers has never been bigger, with some even predicting it as the most sought-after career across the globe. Many a graduate has gained access to several global career opportunities. AOD alone has alumni that have gone on to make names for themselves among the big guns of the entertainment industry; Netflix, Disney, You Tube to name a few.

2019 graduate of AOD’s BA (Hons) Motion Graphics and Animation Design, Kiran Irugabandara, Freelance Houdini Artist and Head of Creative at “This is 42 LLC”, who has worked with Disney and Netflix comments on the necessity of content made by motion graphic designers and animators, “There is a huge demand for talented artists in the world right now so if you actually know and understand your craft well, nothing is stopping you from working on your dream projects. We are living at the peak of the digital age. Content is king and everyone is trying to make it. Content cannot be made without content creators and MGA is the heart of all content creation. Put on your creative hat and start cranking work out for the world to see and watch the opportunities flow in.”


The greatest impact of motion design is its influence on the consumer; be it through experience or knowledge sharing. It can also hugely influence consumers’ mood and psyche. One example of it’s impact is in how motion graphics and animation designers in Sri Lanka hold the immense potential to showcase the country’s rich heritage and unique culture to a mass global audience; resulting in educating and changing perceptions for the better.

Well executed content can also simplify complex subjects, reflect brand personalities, change public opinion, and influence social movements; creating tangible impact in even seconds.

Motion Graphics & Animation at AOD

A/L students looking to invest in a future in motion graphics and animation can enrol in the Academy of Design’s popular BA (Hons) Motion Graphics and Animation Design programme. As with all of the university’s graduate programmes, this three-year course too is conducted in partnership with the globally-ranked Northumbria University UK; giving students the option of partaking in a unique hybrid study model where they can pursue the final year of their degree in the UK. However, those choosing to compete the entire programme in Sri Lanka will also be graduating with a reputed UK-accredited degree.

With interdisciplinary education at its core, the pioneering design university’s BA (Hons) Motion Graphics and Animation Design programme is a fascinating blend of graphic design, animation, illustration, filmmaking, 3D technology, and digital product design, where students are first introduced to the core skills of each, before then learning in depth how each of these subjects can be applied across various industries.

Through a combination of tutorial guidance, project ‘crits’, lectures, competitions, live industrial projects and placements, over the duration of the course students will gain a broad understanding of the principles of graphic design as well as specialist knowledge of 2D and 3D animation, sound design, 3D games, compositing and special effects; eventually graduating with confidence in their own abilities, skillsets, and how they want to positively impact the world with this valuable ammunition in tow.

O/L graduates too can take up on the opportunity to get a head start on their motion graphics career, with AOD’s Design Foundation Program – curated keeping those with an early interest in design in mind. 

All students at AOD have the advantage of staking claim to unparalleled access to so much more than only a world-class design education. With an all-star faculty of experienced global educators, and an address at the iconic Colombo Innovation Tower (CIT), the university’s privileged student body get to learn from an eclectic community of innovators as well as take inspiration from a vibrant innovation space. In addition to world-class facilities and infrastructure to aid their learning experience, students are also given the opportunity to make the most of the university’s extensive pool of regional and international industry connections, global design conferences and showcases, as well as award-winning industry collaborative projects. It comes as no surprise then that AOD holds a consistent track record of producing highly sought-after and employable designers.

So, be it in the form of simple text animation or VFX augmented reality experiences, for as long as industries continue to digitally evolve with their aim to inform, educate, and entertain, the widening impact of the motion design and animation industry will never go out of style – and demand.

AOD invites all O/L and A/L graduates looking to pursue a future-proof career in motion graphics to learn more about AOD’s BA (Hons) Motion Graphics & Animation Design programme, and how they too, can be a part of the transformative and widening global landscape of visual design. For more information please contact AOD on 0775727772, email or walk in between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday – Colombo Innovation Tower, No 477, R. A De Mel Mawatha, Colombo