How to Work with Photographers

All of our degrees require you to have a bit of experience photographing. However, there are times when you need the help of a professional photographer. Whether it’s to do a shoot for your content or photograph the final collection, you’ll need someone who knows what they’re doing - unless you actually do. 

Figure out what kind of photographer you need. It’s like picking an illustrator. What do you need? Portraits? Landscapes? Fashion? Architecture? Aerial? Action? Macro? Abstract? Beauty? There are many. Choose what you want. Go through their portfolios. Don’t single out one photographer from a category; photographers are quite expensive. See who fits your style and your budget - but don’t bargain with them to reduce to crazy prices. This is their living. If you also try to get an amatuer to replicate a professional’s work, it’s only going to end in tears. 

Communicate. Tell them exactly what you want. Sketches would work great. If you could show a sample or in our terms, a mood board, of what you want, then it’s easier for them to decide whether they can do it or not, as well as execute your vision. Tell them your deadlines, your guidelines, and the dos and don’ts. 

While working with them, remember that it’s not just them or just you. It’s your vision and their execution. They have experience when it comes to taking brilliant photographs, and you have the exact vision in your head. Combine it. Listen to their ideas, check the shot, and tell them if it doesn’t fit. If it fits, tell them that too. It’ll help the photographer to understand your concept better. 

Last but definitely not least, be polite. Don’t boss them around. This goes to the models too. Ask their permission before adjusting something that involves touching them. Just because they’re paid to do this or helping you out doesn’t mean they’re a mannequin. By the way. a bit of food and drinks for the team goes a long way too!