Graduate to Art Director – Jonathan Joseph

Jonathan Joseph, is a recent graduate from the Academy of Design with a degree in Visual Communication Design graduating with the 2018 batch. He has taken the industry into his own hands and has begun his own company, Context Studio, along with three others. It has grown in the months since its inception to having companies the likes of Uber, CFW, Mercedes, and Jezza as clientele. He runs the art department as the art director responsible for every piece of design that leaves Context Studios.

We caught up with Jonathan to talk about his company, and his first step into the industry as an AOD graduate.

Speaking of context studios, he stated that ‘Context Studios is a mix of energetic youth which comprises of Noor Jameel, Jonathan Joseph, Hussain Fahim and Shifhan Shafee who are devoted to combining creativity and quality with what the client expects. The studio is far from being a marketing agency, we strive to portray creativity in every possible outcome from branding, art direction, content creation, publication design and creative commercial advertisements.’

Working with real world clients, he claimed that the clients have begun to be his family, 'we cater to their every need and even go the extra mile to make their business blossom to successes.’ He put emphasis on the late night work that is required to meet deadlines, and as anyone stepping into the industry should be prepared to put in the work.

Speaking of his training, Jonathan spoke of the process he has honed over the years at AOD stating that ‘Process creates references, references creates insights. I believe every creative solution possess a unique process which immensely valuable.’ Your ability to adapt to demands of the clients, consistency, progressiveness,  as well as the creative innovations are crucial to thrive in the industry.

‘The design world is vastly progressive, and we as designers need to adapt and follow a similar pace’.