Fresh creativity, global design minds, leading jobs for young innovators—all coming together as AOD launches Reveal 2020 virtual grad show

AOD’s ever-popular annual graduate show ‘Reveal’ that premiers the latest talent in design, will present a virtual preview this December. Making AOD talent visible to worldwide audiences, and giving a preview to what awaits in 2021, the virtual edition of Reveal will give a taste of the physical event scheduled to take place parallel to Sri Lanka Design Festival during 15-17January. International delegates and local industry leaders attending the festival will also join in for Reveal’s virtual edition, linking AOD’s graduates to a network of employment opportunities at home and abroad, as global shifts in work methods allow businesses to employ talent from any corner in the world. The Reveal Virtual Graduate Show is an unmissable opportunity for those looking for young innovators, as it gives access to design talent that has been groomed with a distinct commercial viewpoint, with the ability to link businesses to with the needs of a rapidly changing world. For students after O/Ls and A/Ls, and their parents, the virtual graduate show becomes a way to explore some of the most promising educational pathways and corresponding careers for the emerging new world.

Over the years, AOD’s Reveal Graduate Show has become one of Sri Lanka’s most interesting showcases of design, innovation and technology. As much as it was a direct representation of the employable design talent that Sri Lanka has to offer the business world, Reveal has also been an important centre of creative culture, with a constant influx of young voices in fashion, interior architecture, animation, photography, film and visual communication congregating there to use the event as a platform to express, share and influence. AOD says that even in its new hybrid form, where a virtual edition and a physical event will take place, Reveal will only strengthen its spirit as an inspiring coming-together of young creative minds, allowing designers to meet potential employers, fellow creatives, aspiring designers and mentors. The Reveal virtual event will be curated by AOD, bringing in teasers to the top design projects of the year, interviews, mini films, and picture galleries that will capture the works of AOD’s fashion, design, graphics and animation faculties. The event will also link up with Sri Lanka Design Festival’s virtual premier next month, giving the graduating designers yet another opportunity to take their voices to an internationally viewed platform. The physical event in January will feature the works of nearly a hundred designers, with complete access to design projects, fashion show productions and creators’ interviews. 

Throughout the length of 2020 and during the lockdowns that followed the Covid-19 pandemic, AOD was able to seamlessly transform into a virtual campus, taking all its resources and learning experiences to the digital realm, and successfully continuing the operations of its many degrees and diploma courses online. This seamless shift became a true display of what built AOD’s reputation as a radical innovator with agility and foresight. It was this immense success that got AOD to offer a virtual experience of its much-anticipated Reveal Graduate Show, and unveil its 2020 graduating class to not just Sri Lanka, but the entire world. 

AOD invites all industry leaders, business owners looking to incorporate innovation to their companies, after A/Ls and after O/Ls students as well as parents to join in for Reveal Virtual Graduate Show between 21st December 2020 and 3rd January by following its instagram (@aod_design) and facebook (AODSrilanka) as it unfurls the exciting graduate work.