BA (Hons) Visual Communication Design

An internationally recognized degree programme from UK’s Northumbria University. This degree syllabus is behind some of the most innovative designers around the world. 

This programme introduces students to the role of a professional designer as a visual thinker and a versatile problem solver. It encourages the development of concepts, research, experimentation, analysis and critical awareness in aspiring designers. The programme provides a fully rounded experience in graphic design while allowing specialization in the areas of branding, publishing or image-making.


3 years and 4 months.


This three-year programme is delivered into three terms and totals 360 academic credits. In each term, the students would have to complete all of the modules to proceed to the next level.

The programme will be a combination of tutorial guidance, project ‘crits’, lecturers, competitions, live industrial projects and placements. A look into theoretical, historical, cultural and professional contexts. Also, entry to national and international competitions give students significant industry experience prior to graduation, and opportunities to work with peers from around the world.


  • AH4010: History and Influences of Graphic Design (20 credits)
  • GD4001: Design Thinking, Discourse and Skills (20 credits)
  • GD4002: Interaction to Visual Learning and Communication (20 credits)
  • GD4003: Experimental Process for Graphic Design (20 credits)
  • GD4004: Narrative and Identity (20 credits)
  • GD4005: Graphic Design Practice and Personal Development (20 credits)


  • GD5001: Brand Synthesis and Realization in Graphic Design Research (40 credits)
  • AH5010: Research and Critical Approaches to Graphic Design (20 credits) 
  • GD5003: Brand Articulation in Graphic Design (40 credits)
  • GD5002: Collaboration and Professional Engagement in Graphic Design (20 credits)


  • GD6001: Experimental and Collaborative Branding in Graphic Design (40 credits)
  • AH6006: Research Project (20 credits)
  • GD6002: Final Major Project in Graphic Design (Branding) (40 credits)
  • GD6003: Collaborative Branding in Graphic Design (20 credits)


  • Graphic Designer
  • Brand Designer
  • Package Designer
  • Mobile App Designer
  • Interactive Designer
  • User Experience Designer
  • Art Director
  • Publication Designer
  • Exhibit/Environmental Designer
  • Graphic Art Project Manager
  • Packaging Design Specialist
  • Web-based Application Composer
  • Content Creator


We welcome students from around the world and understand that our international students may have special requirements, email us at