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Re-Design @Reveal Competition 2019
In celebration of Reveal 2019 and AOD’s long standing history of supporting the next generation of talent that will lead the future of design, we invite all young budding designers to predict the future through Re-Design student competition.
It’s not about creating something from new materials but re-creating something from old to be the new…

Student requirement:
Work must be clear and concise to your core idea of how your design will challenge and change the future for a more sustainable. All work must show evidence of original sketches or photographs, and what the original was before it was transformed, and clear photographs of the process.
Key questions to think about:
How does your re-design improve the lives of others?
How can it be done better?
What’s your key message or point of view?
Key words: Upcycling, recycling, redesigning, circularity, design for prosperity, design for good, eco/social friendly, future of design, make a difference
The 3 step challenge:
Step 1: What do you think the future holds? What can we do better as a society? You as a future designer will have to redesign something based on our future needs, but what is it?
Step 2: You decided how you wish to express your ideas through which ever category you feel most comfortable
Fashion and textiles – It can be a garment made from recycle fabrics, a redesign of something old or a new material that you make and work with.
Fashion marketing – It can be a new fashion brand or concept for fashion that you make up that sells and promote re-cycled and up cycled fashion.
Visual communications – It can be a poster or a campaign idea, it can be an ad to educate people, or any sort of visual art form that you want to use.
Interiors – It can be the design of a shop of the future made with sustainable materials that you want to use.
Step 3: Submit your work via Google Form
Link: Re-Design @Reveal Competition 2019
Files requirements
Accepted files formats:
Word Document (Export as PDF)
Mp4 (video max 100 MB, max 30-40 sec.)
Google Slides presentation (Export to PDF before you submit, don't share it with any AOD emails)
JPEG (max 2MB per file)
In total, you can submit up to 10 files.

Name your file: Name_Surname_REDES_FT*2019_1*
where FT* is your category (*FT - fashion/textile, FM - fashion marketing, VC - visual communication, IN - interiors)
where 1* is the number of your file (at the end each file will have different number)

EXAMPLE: Aod_Submissions_REDES_VC2019_5

Tip: You can add all your pictures to one presentation made in Google Slides or Word Document and that will count as 1 file after you will export it to PDF.
Your submitted work won't be editable after submission so please think twice and take your time before you will click 'submit'.
After all, make a post - one image or short video with the final piece on TikTok, Instagram or Facebook with the official hashtag #AODfashionsearch.
Important Dates:
Upload your submissions to 22nd of November 2019
Final 3 finalist for each category will be announced (the date will be released next week)
Re-Design Exhibition Open at Colombo Innovation Tower (the date will be released next week)
Winner announced (the date will be released next week)
Good luck!

For more information, you can contact us at or call/WhatsApp 77 572 7772