Center for creative enterprise (CCE)

A think tank for innovation and solving Business Problems

Center for creative enterprise (CCE), a Visionary Initiative By the Academy of Design (AOD) Launched this August with a discernment to accelerate design-led Innovation with the abutment of its foundation members: Hemas Holdings, Hirdaramani Group, HNB, Kingslake, Trace Expert City and Uber. 

AOD announced the launch of this powerful new foundation that certitudes to bridge brands, businesses, and professionals across major industries with fresh design talent that allows industry to take new shape through design thinking. CCE will Connects Sri Lanka’s best design thinkers with business leaders and community organizations across different industries and sectors. CCE is founded on the belief that such partnerships generate creativity, drive innovation and foster entrepreneurship and also further establishes AOD's vision to make an impact through design.

Why CCE?

The newly launched ‘Centre for Creative Enterprise (CCE) plays a specific role in the evolving creative industries ecosystem in Sri Lanka, by becoming an active think tank to deliver real life solution to businesses where businesses can work with designers and even students of creative disciplines to deliver new age solutions led by design. 

CCE adds value to businesses and organizations through a design-led approach to problem solving for products, services or systems. Drawing on the creativity of AOD’s faculty, students and alumni network, CCE can deliver tailor-made concepts and solutions to a wide range of design challenges.

Fresh out-of-the-box ideas and solutions coming from different disciplines of design CCE solutions and ideas will be diverse and out-of-the-box coming from forward-thinking individuals from different disciplines of design mentored by professional design teams. Hence, you will experience a pool of innovative ideas and ways of applying design thinking to solve your business problems.

Our Expertise
Branding and conceptualization for campaigns
Designing promotional material and merchandise.
Conducting multi-disciplinary workshops
‘Crowd-sourcing’ creative ideas
Interior Design projects

For projects and creative services, reach the CCE Secretariat at