When Passion Meets Knowledge – A Chat With Kevin Fernando

Kevin Fernando (@Ad.dic.tion) is a 1st year Visual Communication student who has an avid eye for photography. He first started experimenting with an iPhone 4 when he went on a family trip to Sinharaja Forest at the age of 12. After discovering he has quite the eye for it, he started experimenting and exploring more by capturing scenes from the streets of Colombo. This led for him to discover that his love is actually for candid photography. He kept uploading work taken from his iPhone for four years and was further motivated to keep taking pictures.  When he finally upgraded to a DSLR, he says that quality of his content changed and gave him more room to experiment, but still managed to hold on to his aesthetic.

‘If you look at my pictures you will see how I have captured a single moment where everything from lighting to the person captured is all synced in together. For me, photography is about been patient enough to capture that right moment and the stories of various people with their raw emotions and actions.’ Kevin stated describing why photography matters so much for him.

While a career in photography was in his future at the beginning, since studying Visual Communication at AOD, he has changed his course wanting to be a Creative Director. Kevin says that being a Creative Director will allow him to utilise his love for photography and combine it with other skills of visual communication that he is learning, and will continue to develop over time.  This will allow him more room to experiment, explore, and learn.