Things that were incredibly awesome from the AOD Open Day!

  1. The way Achini from Graphic Design described her project on ‘Jathaka Katha’; storytelling was amazing.


2. The ‘If I was a magazine’ project by the Foundation students; such awesome talent.

3. The CIT building itself – setting up for the day exploring the building and the fact that it’s eco-friendly.

4. Free comics from Red Dot Geek!!!

5. The fashion show by current and former students, and the excitement of the student models backstage!

6. The photography talk from Janith, an alumni from AOD was very interesting and helpful.

7. ‘Kill Marry Hookup’ game by Ali – 2018 Graphic Design graduate from AOD. His views were really interesting!

8. The Business and Innovation talk was a real eye-opener in terms of design and business perspectives.

9. Watching Karen in her zone styling the models backstage – it was very illuminating to see how it all comes together.

10. All the workshops when they got filled with school children; seeing them being excited about design, and the amazing atmosphere they created was a great rush.

Special thanks to Keshi, Sanjula, Ruth, Kevin, and Rochelle for the contributions