The Roteract Club of AOD Takes a Step Towards Public Safety

If you are a victim, don’t suffer in silence. SPEAK UP.
If you witness sexual harassment, don’t look away. INTERVENE.
If you want to make a difference, start now. BE THE CHANGE.

As part of the ‘Cheer Up Luv’ initiative by the UK photographer, Eliza Hatch, the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) together with the Colombo Municipal Council, Ministry of Women and Child Affairs, and the Ministry      of Transport and Civil Aviation delivered the ‘Does She Travel Safe?’ exhibition from the 2nd of March to the 8th of March 2019 at the Colombo Town Hall Grounds.

The public installation was delivered by the Rotaract Club of AOD, and our students, as volunteers were present all through the days contributing their part in making the public transport a safer place for women.

The exhibition featured real stories of women and girls who have experienced sexual harassment in public transport in Sri Lanka. Taking a step further from awareness, it also took action by conducting interactive workshops to educate bus drivers, bus conductors, and three-wheel taxi drivers on proper protocol when faced with offences with regard to sexual harassment. School students, public servants, and the general public also attended workshops on speaking up, intervening, and even self-defence lessons.

The students of the Rotaract Club of AOD were responsible for video footage, and the Model Bus that was displayed which educated the public on proper laws and regulations of public transport, and the reality of travelling in public transport.

Check out the video mapping footage of Does She Travel Safe? here.

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