Tehani to represent Sri Lanka at Spikes Creative Academy!

Tehani Walpola, a third year Graphic Design Student at AOD, will be representing Sri Lanka at the Spikes Creative Academy in Singapore this September.  The Creative Academy picks 15 students from the Asia Pacific region to attend a three-day series of tailor-made sessions conducted by industry experts as well as carefully selected seminars from the main festival agenda.


Tehani will have the opportunity to interact and to learn from the most inspiring and experienced figures in the industry. She will also be able to experience the amazing creative work done in the region this year, and to mingle with likeminded people from all over ASIA.

Just a quick chat with Tehani to see how she’s feeling and what’s looking forward to:

I feel super excited and immensely thrilled for this new opportunity that allows me to step outside my comfort zone and act on the phrase I live by; "never stop exploring", and this time into new surroundings, new cultures and be inspired by the many professional and experienced figures out there and to see the different perspectives and their take on things design related.

I'm looking forward to widening my horizons and opening my mind to the different ways of thinking, looking at and observing things, creating and idea generation. To learn and be inspired by the many professional, experienced and inspiring figures we get to listen to and interact with at the event. I hope for a life-changing experience in which I get to step out of my comfort zone and be inspired by new surroundings, cultures and people and their different perspectives on things and most of all, to take away some great insights and lessons that I could bring back home and use to evolve, grow and better the world through my then enhanced creative abilities.






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