Reanna wins the Sri Lankan heat of SDC Competition!

The International Design Competition is SDC’s annual flagship competition, engaging with hundreds of students, universities and designers globally. The competition helps the entrants develop their understanding of colour and the challenges around sustainability in the textile supply chain. The theme for 2019 is ‘colour and nature’.

Colour is crucial in the animal kingdom, providing a range of signals. Animals use it to camouflage themselves from danger, to warn predators they are poisonous and to attract a mate. Biomimicry creates solutions to challenges by emulating the ideas found in nature. Nature has huge potential to provide us with solutions for more sustainable fabrics and colours. What can we learn from nature and how can it inspire sustainability and innovation?

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During the Sri Lanka heat, held in the beginning of August, our very own Reanna Kahandawala placed first and will be heading to China in a few months. Nipuna Rajapakse won Runners Up in the same competition. Both students are from Second Year Fashion Marketing at AOD.


The SDC Competition brief was very interesting to work on because of the scope of creativity we had been given. The project was significantly conceptual which allowed us to challenge our imagination and come up with exciting ideas. Biomimicry is a topic we all knew about but to which we hadn't really given much thought until now. It was a great experience to see how those natural mechanisms could be mimicked and applied into the fashion industry as well. The time frame of this project was quite short compared to our previous ones but I believe it drove us to challenge ourselves even more. However, the regular feedbacks sessions with our lecturers and the tools we were given to work with, such as the Archroma colour search tool, we were able to perform relatively well. It was a thrilling opportunity to present our projects to the jury during the regional heats as they were very enthusiastic and supportive. The feedback we were given was very constructive and it will be useful for our projects to come. Finally, I am truly excited to represent not only AOD, but Sri Lanka at the Grand Final in China at the end of the year. It is an opportunity of a lifetime! – Reanna