Explore modern careers and opportunities in the Business of Fashion

AOD's BA (Hons) Fashion Design & Marketing program gives access to a multitude of careers in the fashion industry through specialized knowledge and expertise

Fashion is a powerful industry which has broken away from the norm to become more dynamic with changes in technology, consumer values, material resources and buying patterns. With great business opportunities being presented by an international following from local designers, fashion brands driving social change and the fashion & apparel engagement to the forefront there is a need for specialised knowledge and a highly focused expertise to manage or lead a fashion business. While there is major innovation happening in the global fashion industry, Sri Lanka is also driving initiatives to position itself as an innovation hub and the fashion business leaders are constantly looking out for unique talent. The Sri Lankan fashion and apparel industry has strong manufacturing structures and is in line with global market movements, supplier networks and customer trends.

While fashion designers, production and merchandising managers dominated the trade in the last few decades, the next two decades in fashion belong to a new breed of professionals. Preparing to supply fashion professionals for this new future, Sri Lanka’s most business-relevant fashion and design educator- AOD, has launched a degree program that helps students look at the business of fashion in a much deeper and broader sense in partnership with the prestigious British university Northumbria which pioneered the first Fashion Marketing Program in the UK. The content of this Degree program has been designed to provide insight into everything essential for the business of fashion, from the art of anticipating and calculating consumer trends, market movements to specialised knowledge on design and material tech etc. It taps into everything from creative and strategic thinking to public relations, influencer marketing, experiential marketing, digital marketing, content marketing and demographic specific strategies, in addition to studies in identifying market trends and industry developments.


AOD Alumni Shayanthi Alwis now pursuing her own fashion brand 'SHAY INT.'

Graduates will be able to take on many of the leading roles in the industry from management, retailing, merchandising, to more modern roles like fashion social media and blogging, styling, content curation, etc. For those who would prefer to follow a more business focused path the program prepares them to become top-tier managers or CEOs for established fashion and apparel businesses. With major evolution in the fashion industry in the past decade, emerging trends such as the fashion retail store evolving into a digital space, changing consumer preferences, the call for radical transparency etc. have seriously shifted companies’ priorities and also the kind of professionals they are looking for. These career options require an exciting mix of technological know-how, creativity and fashion business focused education. A variety of roles have been created the through this new shift in the industry such as fashion marketer, retail buyer, fashion brand manager, fashion PR consultant and fashion brand journalist; which has become an incredibly powerful career in current times which mixes content curation, marketing and journalism in one.

As the world moves towards sustainability in fashion and high textile technology, even fashion designers must be equipped with the kind of knowledge which will give them an interesting combination of skills and education background needed to move forward with global innovation and the socio-economic setting. This means that in addition to being the traditional ‘creative type’ you will also be able to have access to a variety of roles in the business. The program will also give the necessary background and exposure to those who want to venture down the entrepreneurial path with their own labels and brands. They will have the expertise of a professional fashion designer along with the mandatory skills to run their own business from designing, manufacturing, styling, branding and fashion promotion. To do all this, AOD trains students with live industry projects while still at campus and furthermore, present world-class opportunities to launch their businesses and brands after they graduate. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Sri Lanka, and www.fashionmarket.lk are both powerful platforms for recognition and reaching consumers worldwide. It’s a fool-proof pathway to succeed in the business of fashion no matter what your pathway is. The fashion industry is also fast-paced and this makes fashion marketing interesting and simulating to study and engage in. When you consider emerging markets and modern fashion influencers, it brings the industry into a unique position which acts as a link between cultural, creativity, business and technology. This makes education in fashion design and marketing globally relevant and timely.

The program pushes reality of the fashion industry in a much deeper sense and prepares fashion graduates to join this powerful industry by making their mark in the fashion world with own entrepreneurial ventures or by joining Sri Lanka’s multi-billion dollar apparel industry. The newly launched Northumbria UK Fashion Marketing & Design degree at AOD is setup to engage students in all aspects of fashion marketing studies. This program gives an overview into Fashion business and how to drive with creativity.