Early Exploration of Design Careers through AOD Design Foundation pre-university programme

Making an informed choice about higher education is a challenge for most students who are right after school. AOD’s Design Foundation Programme allows students to explore a variety of design careers through an all-inclusive curriculum that walks them through several creative disciplines with the help of an expert international faculty. After completing the programme, the students have a guaranteed place in a 100% internal Northumbria UK design degree of their choice, which can be completed at AOD. These international degrees in Fashion, Graphic Design, Interior Design, 3D Product & Furniture Design, Fashion Marketing and Animation Design carry worldwide recognition, and have guaranteed job placement in Sri Lanka, through AOD’s 100% employment policy.

Foundation studies in design are important for most students who consider design for higher education, but have no previous experience in art and creativity. AOD Design Foundation Programme bridges this initial knowledge gap and prepares students for higher education in design with guaranteed placement in a Northumbria UK design degree in Sri Lanka. With introductions to major design disciplines and hands-on experiments that allow the students to get a taste of working in each creative sector, the AOD Design Foundation Programme serves as a practical and easy-to-understand pre-university course. The programme is delivered by an experienced international faculty led by Nadia de la Santos hailing from her studies and training in New York. The AOD Design Foundation Programme is delivered at AOD’s high-tech design studios and industrial standard computer laboratories along with unlimited access to Sri Lanka’s largest dedicated design library situated at the campus.  This allows students to learn and experiment within standards accepted by university degrees and the industries that they will be employed in eventually.

British designer, AOD principal Karen MacLeod spoke about the importance of this programme and the success of the graduates who started their design journey with the AOD Design Foundation Programmme; “The AOD Design Foundation is an important course for personal discovery; at the end of the eight months students always discover that they have understood their strengths, weaknesses, addressed their challenges and discovered personal career pathways too. Because of the comprehensiveness of the programme and because it allows early access to younger students, AOD graduates who started with this programme have gone on to do great things at a very young age. We have had Oshadi Paranawithana who was a first class degree awarded graduate who was nominated to represent Sri Lanka at Spikes Asia Award through her current workplace LOWE studio. Bhagya Withana who is following her masters in Australia and Sawsan Ahmed who won the national award for special achievements in the Maldives. It is a course that sets the foundation for students to find great success wherever they go in design.”

The course leads to 100% internal Northmbria UK degrees in Interior Design, Fashion, Fashion Marketing & Design Studies, Graphic Design and Motion Graphics & Animation Design.

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