Design Lokaya Open House 2022 by AOD to inspire the Next Generation to be future job Creators & Intraprenuers

Are you an aspiring designer? Or have you noticed that your child is naturally inclined towards the arts? Then head on over to the Colombo Innovation Tower on September the 3rd at 9am, for the Design Lokaya Open House day organized by Academy of Design! The Colombo Innovation Tower has become a creative hub in the heart of the city, so it is fitting that our Open House Day will be centered around the cutting edge and freshest in the design arena. The event will be open from 9am to 4pm and covers many interesting workshops to introduce you or your loved ones to the world of design!

This year, our Open Day focuses on embodying the Design Lokaya spirit. In essence, the event will be futuristic, featuring workshops and talks. At Design Lokaya Open House, budding students will be given a sneak peek into the workings of what it takes to be a design student. Expect being exposed to studio-based learning and immersive workshops introducing students to future forecasted trends! Technology and innovation will be the base ingredient to all our workshops, gear up to step into the future, with AOD!

The career world is no longer restricted to the usual pathways of yesteryear. New corridors to success include creativity and skill. We understand the importance of social media, marketing, the booming creative industry and the importance of pitching a sale. The future is most definitely interdisciplinary and our courses are designed to cater to our ever changing world. The most attractive potential candidates in career pools are now, well rounded and possess a multitude of skills – they should score high on aptitude but also have a keen understanding of global trends, competitive edge and be well versed in the latest technology. Our Design Lokaya Open House will introduce anyone interested into the potential avenues you can pursue in order to become a future leader and success story.

Students are introduced to the importance of Sri Lankan roots and talent. At AOD, we believe that the future of design begins with celebrating everything Local. This year, we focus on The New Local going Global. Studying at AOD, students get to learn from those within the grass-root level. This enables designers to celebrate local craftsmanship, but also be innovative and integrate futuristic design thinking to local crafts. Thereby enabling our students to push Sri Lankan products and craft in the lucrative global arena.

With this in mind, you can expect some exciting tours arranged for future students and interested parents alike. You will be guided throughout the Open Day activities. Some of the exciting events lined up include a mini fashion show, styling workshops, an introductory exhibition of student’s work, live sketch workshops and a variety of fun and topical design workshops! We expect our visitors to participate and join in on the fun! This way, you get to choose whether design is the right journey you wish to follow for your future.

This design day is also perfect if you are a corporate or firm that wishes to meet fresh talent who are about to start their journey in the design world. You will interact with our fresh crop of designers to get a feel for the beat of our youthful, blossoming designers who you will be able to work with as they graduate in the future.

At AOD, students who are OL graduates are able to join the design foundation program directly to get a head start on their career. This program not only is the stepping stone to following AOD’s Bachelor’s of Arts degrees, it also an immersive introduction to all of the design disciples - fashion, interior design, animation, graphic design. While fresh A/L graduates are able to choose from a wide portfolio of BA (Hons) programs to suit their passions, this includes Fashion Textile & Design, Fashion Design & Marketing, Interior Architecture Design, Graphics & Visual Communication Design and Motion Graphics & Animation Design.

The Open House day is a rare opportunity for you to understand these aspects of design and reimagine the exciting opportunities that your career path can take. You will be able to hear from students who have taken this leap of faith and understand their own success stories. We hope to inspire everyone who enrolls in our courses that the future is limitless! As long as you are given the right tools of technology, global-creative thinking, innovation all whilst waving the Sri Lankan flag high!

To gain more information about our Design Lokaya Open House Day or to register please contact us on 0775727772, email or walk in between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday – Colombo Innovation Tower, No 477, R. A De Mel Mawatha, Colombo