Archstrast: AOD | School of Design presents Iconic World Architecture in Colombo

Highlighting links between design and innovative applications of architectural technology

Latest exhibition by AOD’s School of Design celebrates the most iconic elements of global architecture through abstract representations that highlight their distinct design and technological elements. With Archstrast, AOD School of Design aimed to demonstrate the link between innovating built environment and enhancing how we experience life within spaces. The idea is to inspire new conversations within the local design and business communities, on the importance of architectural innovation and how it impacts human cultures through world renowned examples. Archstrast exhibition also corresponded to AOD’s pioneering new vision to converge studies in design, technology and business, as the exhibition celebrated outstanding engineering technologies and material innovation, as much as creativity. The exhibition is took place at British Council Sri Lanka at Alfred House Gardens Colombo 3, and was open to all After AL and OL students, interested parents, aspiring interior designers and architects, and the general public.

Architectural design x innovation 

AOD’s senior faculty member steering the interior architecture department at AOD School of Design is Ismael Abedin. Abedin, who holds a masters’ degree in environmental management and sustainable development and a bachelors’ in interior design (IED, Spain), shared his views on the Archstrast exhibition and why it is relevant to the modern conversation on the influence of design and technological applications in elevating our experiences. “Interior architectural design is the creative response to space, approached through the lenses of function and use, material, space and form. It is a practice that combines the use of creative thinking with a deep understanding of material innovation and a clever use of technology. With Archstrast Exhibition, we wanted to take a look back at some of the most iconic architectural feats in human history, and how each of them combined technology, design thinking and materials in unusual ways for their time; and by doing this, they managed to inspire people through built environment, and really challenged the existing norms on how we experience spaces. So, what better way to spark up conversations on how design, technology and material innovation are the way to exploring new architectural experiences, than through a closer look at these global icons?”


A viewpoint into a new pedagogy in interior architectural education

The Archstrast exhibition was also a fantastic way to experience the breadth and depth of AOD’s interior architecture degree education. Senior academic Ismael Abedin added that the course is built through a series of live and studio projects that investigate the key aspects of interior design such as re-use and remodeling, lighting and experience etc. “Our approach to interior architecture education is through a range of projects that take the student through study experiences in retail, branding and corporate identities in spaces, museum design, exhibition and event design, set design and even furniture and artefact design as part of a bespoke interior. We constantly encourage individuality, and the development of student creativity and independent thinking parallel to this.” Abedin added AOD also actively guides its students towards international competitions, and creates an international platform for graduate work at Northumbria/ AOD Reveal Exhibition and the annual Sri Lanka Design Festival – a prime target for national and international recruiters. The outcome of this education, as AOD graduates have often proved, is a professional who has a well-rounded awareness on the industry as a whole and is able to define their own place within it. The Archstrast Exhibition is, in many ways, a demonstration of this education and the kind of thinking that it cultivates in students, making it a great way for prospective students and aspiring architects and designers to experience the degree offer before they make a final decision on their higher education choices.

A place for conversations on future careers in interior architecture

A recruitment officer at AOD added that the exhibition has another fantastic dimension to it, by being a portal to access an in-depth discussion on tomorrow’s interior architectural career landscape. “Of course the opportunity to join reputed design firms, major architectural practices and studios through this course are always there. But, a majority of the most interesting career opportunities are coming from independent consultancies and the market gaps to start unique small and medium studios that offer specialised and high-value services. This discussion will also place an equal importance on the highly transferable skills that come with this degree, allowing you to connect to other possibilities in sectors like engineering, material innovation for built environment, sourcing, product design and curation. The scope is massive, and truly inspiring. Archstract is definitely where you can access a much-needed conversation on the exciting new career realities in interior architecture.” 

Some of the iconic architectural works that were celebrated through abstract representations at Archstract include the Guggenheim museum, the Sydney Opera House and even the recently devastated gothic monument—Church of Nostredame—that is currently being recreated to its former glory. The exhibition was held at the British Council in Colombo making it publicly accessible to all, especially school students.

 Archstract at British Council Colombo highlights the close relations that AOD maintains with global educational authorities—particularly those of the UK, where the creative industries form a powerful economic pillar and is inspiring Sri Lanka to firmly establish its own orange economy.

AOD School of Design, will be showcasing the Archstract Exhibition on the 28th of August at the all new Colombo Innovation Tower. This August AOD’s Creative Career Month will kick-off on the 19th of August, with creative workshops and experiences that would help shape the future of new-age careers. Specially designed for after AL ‘s and OL’s students.

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