AOD's Avurudu a fusion of modern and traditional festivities

In the 9th of April 2021 ,the spirit of Avurudu awoke within the walls of Colombo Innovation Tower ,as AOD Celebrated the dawn of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year with its students with all the sprightly , colour splashed energy that is to be expected from one of the leading design bodies in Sri Lanka, albeit a little early to the date.
On this day all hands from all ages ,countries and races joined as one in joyous harmony, as the Kiri flowed and the fires blazed, in a reminder of what this country's flag represents:
Unity , benevolence, Strength, and hope that the sun in the new year shines brighter and more golden than the last. And as such, the lines between upper and lower grades and the walls that separated courses were all broken, as student and teacher alike ,gathered to celebrate the momentous day.

AOD's Avurudu featured a fusion of modern and traditional festivities.
Events kickstarted with the ceremonial boiling of the milk ,as well as the lighting of the lamps, to usher in the Good blessings of the new year. Afterwards came the games. A mixture of talks and dances and rousing music, accompanied by the playful rustles of bright sarongs, saris and other festive apparels being whirled around in exuberant glee, as the furious battle to crown the Avurudu Kumari and Kumaraya of the evening. And of course, all of it came together with the food. From the Kokkis to the Kiri bath ,to the Kevum and toffees, the feast was laid. All in all , it was a celebration to commemorate the spirit of Sri Lanka, and that's what happened.