AOD Virtual Design Open Days, invites all post O/L & AL students to experience AODs Inspiring ‘Design Never Stops’ mission

The ‘Design Never Stops ‘ Virtual Open Days will be hosted virtually from the 8th to the 12th of May to educate and engage on the resilience of creative innovation & is a beacon of positivity amidst further delay in A/L results. Design never stops for future creatives & neither do we. AOD invites A/L and O/L students to its immersive Virtual Open Day 2021

With A/L results across the country delayed even further, students are at a loss of how next to proceed with their education pathways. Armed with only their projected results, will they be able to make the next move towards a successful future? Is pre-result enrolment even an option, especially in an already uncertain climate?

While the world may be shifting gears, and most professions in a state of flux amidst a constantly evolving work landscape, creatives, designers, and innovators, can rest assured in the security of their collective futures. For in a world where governments are grappling with complex global issues, the power of design and creativity has always been relied on to transform society with fresh ideas, alternative strategies, and provocative thoughts. A truly multi-disciplinary community, designers have long been counted on for providing practical solutions to some very real problems; be it climate change, social justice, and even health and well-being. It’s become increasingly clearer; for as long as the world is ticking, design, creativity, and innovation will always be a high-in-demand tool for positive change.

So indeed, Design Never does Stop; especially for all A/L and O/L students looking to graduate as planned. The country’s pioneering design institute invites prospective students and their parents for a week-long virtual open day that promises to be bigger, better, and more vibrant than ever before.

The wheels of creativity never stop spinning for true design enthusiasts, irrespective of any setback; small or large. Recognised as a true disruptor of design education in Sri Lanka, at AOD, students are given far more than just a textbook design education; with corporate resilience and entrepreneurial tenacity featuring even more visibly on the curriculum.

Having already established itself as a front runner in the digital space for education, AOD was able to seamlessly switch its operations and pedagogy online at the onset of the pandemic –even successfully hosting its first ever virtual Reveal exhibition. As a result, the university’s student body were able to progress with their courses unhindered, and graduate on schedule; not just with an internationally accredited degree in design in hand, but also armed with the additional skill set of having surpassed all the challenges of learning, designing, and innovating in the throes of a global health crisis.

For when it comes to the creative industry, resiliency and opportunity go hand-in-hand. Long gone are the days of uni-dimensional university education, when rather the need of the hour is productive responsiveness and better preparedness for any reality.

Students at AOD can still follow the institute’s tried-and-tested unique hybrid study model, where the creatively tuned can choose from a variety of BA Hons programmes through which to unleash their passion and see their potential through. From Fashion and Textile Design to Design and Animation, from Visual Communications to Interior Design, the academy equips its students with interdisciplinary skills so crucial to lead -and not just participate in- this new world order, yet so rarely found. All graduate programmes are conducted in partnership with Northumbria University UK through an internationally qualified and dynamic faculty, also affording a unique hybrid study model where students can opt to pursue the final year of their degree in the UK. O/L students looking to get a head start on their careers, can also enrol in the university’s Design Foundation Programme for a wholly immersive base design education, before settling on their graduate degree.

It takes an entire ecosystem to raise a creative disruptor, and in having curated a study experience that disrupts conventional learning systems, AOD’s novel interdisciplinary approach to education produces graduates with the skills and wiring most sought-after by future employers. With a curriculum that merges design thinking with business know-how and technological expertise, AOD’s future workforce -be they graphic designers, software architects, entrepreneurs, design engineers, technologists, or even IT experts-, will confidently carry forward a fundamental understanding of how and why innovation works in the industry of their choosing. Additionally, in a world where humanity is now far more in demand than corporate androids tuned towards capitalistic progress, this new age of graduates will also possess a deep sense of responsibility as conscious creators, designing their way towards making a positive impact on the planet and its people.

For a thorough and more nuanced understanding of what it takes to be a radical innovator of the future, both students-to-be and parents can look towards AOD’s annual open day for clarity. A highly-anticipated event on the higher education calendar, AOD’s open day never disappoints for the notably engaging and truly informative experience it delivers. This year’s ‘Design Never Stops’ edition is themed with a message of positivity; buoyed with the certainty of cementing a successful future for its new student body. At the virtual open day, prospective students can expect to have their curiosities of the different design disciples piqued, all queries addressed, and minds put at ease.