AOD Pro Saturday Programme launches as one time opportunity for professionals to formalise design qualifications

The pandemic has completely changed the playing field in which we work today, especially in Sri Lanka. For those of you finding that you’re stuck in a cyclic rut and wish to embark on something brand new or for those who realise they are in merchandising, product development and some form of design without formal qualifications here’s an opportunity for formalise your qualification or get on a fresh and exciting opportunity! Whilst most do not have the luxury of following full-time study programmes, AOD has designed this programme for working professionals who just can’t and fulfill the many requests AOD has had over the years for a Saturday programme. This programme is a one time and exclusively for working professionals. 

Every business needs a creative output or designer to help their businesses succeed, so if you wish to be that person, this course is tailor made for you. Anyone who wishes to embark on a journey through design is welcome; whether they be full time workers, executives who wish to learn design or a mid-career professional who has had a change of heart and wishes to make the right switch in their career. This programme is curated with the knowledge that time is of the essence, therefore you won’t have to worry about tight deadlines and working overnight to meet your submission targets. The curriculum caters to people with time constraints and busy working schedules. Most classes will take place on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with the course running for the duration of two years. There are three International Diplomas on offer under the AOD Pro-Executive learning route. They are diplomas in Interior Design, Fashion & Textile and finally Graphic Design.

The interior design course will help individuals explore complex architectural structures and spatial design. If you have a keen interest in seeing how spaces come to life, and creative vision empowered in a physical and structural space, then this programme is for you! Amongst the many skills you will acquire, is the introduction to the technical programmes that industry professionals use in order to design their interiors. You will learn about the finer details of interior design. This includes structural detailing, material selection and all other necessities you need to run a successful commercial interior design outfit. 

Fashion and textile is a booming industry, especially in Sri Lanka, being one of the largest exports of the island. This course will enable its students to work with industry standards and produce designers that compete on the global scale. Both creative vision and commercial realism are harnessed within this course. State-of-the-art technology will be introduced and taught, in order for professionals to work within the fashion and textile industry. This course is for anyone with a keen eye for fashion and design, wants to keep up with global trends and sees a future within the growing fashion sector in
Sri Lanka.

The graphic design course is for an individual with a creative spirit. The course will help foster and sharpen your creative vision into saleable and commercial designs. The diploma will help develop problem solving skills, assess strategic market trends, enhance your graphic language and help mentor a particular design style that is unique to each student. Your presentation skills will be mentored and mastered, as well as teaching you the graphic design programs needed to execute your vision. An entirely new world of graphics and visual communication will be explored through this course.

The International diploma is a one-time intake, in order to curate our programmes to the ever-busy professional. So this is your only chance to take that idea you have been saving on the back-burner and make it a reality!

AOD takes pride in offering international design degrees and diplomas for over a decade. As leaders in the design education field, the AOD Pro-Executive education route may be the opportunity for you to learn new skills from industry experts. These skills can eventually be used to help kick-start that dream career or vision you’ve always imagined about. The flexibility and duration of this course enables you to learn, whilst not feeling pressured by the possibility of your daily, full-time work getting in the way. As design takes a central role in the world we live in today, with visual communication becoming one of the main methods of disseminating vital information, this course is sure to help hone skills that you will need in the practical, commercial world. As most design routes are assignment based, the courses have a more hands-on, personable feel, as opposed to the usual examination-based learning route. If you find yourself really enjoying and excelling at the course, you will have an opportunity to begin a Final Year Top-up with Northumbria University UK, a leading design university with over ten years of partnership with AOD.

To find out more about the International Diplomas in Interior Design, Fashion Design & Graphic Design reach AOD Colombo on 0775727772, email or walk in between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday – Colombo Innovation Tower (CIT) 477, R A De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 04.