AOD presents 'Think Design' Career Month, highlighting the most important Design Jobs of the Future this June

'Think Design' is a month-long program culminating exciting free events set to share awareness on the design careers and opportunities available in Sri Lanka and globally

 AOD presents ‘Think Design’ thirty days of career mapping June for anyone who wants to walk in and learn about design as a career and what it offers in terms of job roles, growth opportunities and financial security. Think Design also helps parents and students after O/L’s and A/L’s understand the potential of design as a contemporary career path with opportunities to travel the world, start own ones businesses or work with the big businesses in today’s context.

Some of the activities on showcase at the career month will be series of exhibitions highlighting the different careers, career counseling and industry talks within the month of June 2017. School leavers, design enthusiasts, aspiring designers and parents are invited to walk in to AOD anytime between 9 am – 5 pm on weekdays and get free and reliable information on design careers.


AOD’s Think Design programme is a month-long culmination of exciting free events dedicated to share awareness on the design careers and opportunities available in Sri Lanka and globally. More importantly, the programme also gives direct exposure to students and parents on working as a designer, through the free talk series by industry speakers from Sri Lanka and abroad. These talks also aim to inspire young minds to think creatively and harness the incredible potential that design thinking presents in terms of career opportunities today.

With ‘design’ being recognised as one of the most powerful contributors to business growth today, most industries in Sri Lanka are employing more and more designers each year. Power industries like hospitality and tourism rely on interior designers and product design for spaces, furniture that expresses their own identity through clever design. Most large-scale exports like tea and cinnamon, whose clienteles appreciate good design, look to graphic designers for strong logos, brand identities and packaging. Similarly, businesses turn to fashion designers for corporate uniforms that are in line with their brand image while Sri Lanka’s massive apparel industry is also powered by fashion designers who come up with new product innovations. These are just a few examples from the many industries that consult or employ full time designers for better business.

 ‘Design’ is now among the most in-demand career paths offering stable jobs, financial security and personal satisfaction. This has lead to a growing interest among students and parents on design careers. However, most find it difficult to access validated, reliable information on design careers, the growth opportunities that they present, tasks and responsibilities linked to design job roles and standard salaries.

‘Think Design’ creative career mapping month by AOD is a response to this need and aims to share the much-needed information on working as a designer. The event will also admission sessions to the prestigious Northumbria University UK degrees available to be completed at AOD, in BA (Hons) Fashion, Interior design, Graphic design, Animation design and Fashion marketing design.