AOD pioneers new role of future education as 'Career Creator' in partnership with CIT Labs at the Colombo Innovation Tower

It’s not just about doing a degree anymore but about securing a future proof career. CIT Labs, set up to deliver modern careers the new world demands.

Future proof education at AOD

The debate over the value of a degree versus practical work experience is one that has raged on for generations and likely to never disappear. However, unlike ever before we are living in unprecedented times as the world we know changes faster than we can keep track. Therefore, adding another layer of complexity to this debate.

For the first time in human history, we are unsure what types of jobs will exist and how current jobs will change even as near as in the next 3-5 years, because of the rapid speed of technology advancements. On top of this, we are living through a global pandemic that has and will change our physical, social and mental interactions forever. Thus, leaving the generation stepping into this new world no choice but to be agile, and take radical measures to gear up to be future proof.

Universities and higher education institutes have a responsibility to guide and groom this new generation to thrive in such uncertainty. The time has never been more relevant, for design disciplines to flourish, to explore its full potential and make its mark as one that is so dynamic it can be applied to any and all fields, and for education to get a grip on what they offer. 

It goes without saying the future demands designers who are not only academically qualified. While this is an important base, the skills developed through practical exposure become ever more essential. Exploring and figuring out a future proof career path can no longer wait until you are done with your studies, like back in the day. Education has become about lifelong learning and it is by actually doing, engaging and exposing yourself to the real world parallel to your academic qualifications that will make you stand out from the rest and thrive.

CIT Labs – a creative talent and innovation incubator

Enter CIT Labs, an innovation incubator & one of a kind creative residence program for the next generation of disruptors working at the intersection of Design & Tech, to drive innovation for businesses and society in diverse fields – bridging the gap between academics and industry.  CIT Labs, based at the Colombo Innovation Tower (CIT) alongside AOD and other eco-system members, exclusively serves to expose undergraduate design students, alumni and in the future masters’ students to real world projects and experiences refining them to be better, timely and future proof designers.

CIT Labs will offer undergraduate students the opportunity to get real experience during the course of their three year degree with mentoring from seasoned industry professionals from around the world.  Thus, enhancing their soft skills alongside the academic knowledge making them independent designers by the time they graduate.

AOD Masters + CIT Labs 

AOD students will also have the opportunity to pursue their Masters education at AOD alongside their engagement with CIT LABs through a commercial model. Through this, students not only up their academic qualifications further, but also engage in inspiring design projects while also earning a stable income. With this unique opportunity provided by AOD, students who join its ecosystem will be set for the first 4 years of their life after high school – developing academic and practical skills and ready to be the calling tomorrow needs.

CIT Labs takes a further reach towards its 1000+ design and creative alumni who are already in various creative fields, with their own design studios or freelancing, by bringing an organized platform for industry to engage with them, thus providing more projects to alumni in this volatile job market.

 As such the introduction of the CIT Labs ensures those who enter AOD’s ecosystem are mentored throughout their journey from undergraduate, to post graduate to even a professional level with a sound balance of both academics and practical exposure. It will equip its members with the right skill set and mindset to create their own career.

Be a part of this unique environment that will be with you as you navigate this ever changing, uncertain new world and ensure you come out stronger, braver and independent to make an impact with design and build a future you want to lead.