AOD Maldivian talent making a difference through design

Opportunity to follow your design dream at South Asia’s emerging design hub - AOD

AOD set in the heart of Colombo- South Asia’s emerging design hub has quickly moved up to receive global recognition for promoting a dynamic culture in design.  AOD creates and facilitate visionary designers who will become the change-agents of the future, both locally and globally, by harnessing the power of design. Allowing more South Asian students to have access to the same opportunities and study design within the familiar and convenient surroundings of their home country, AOD has one of South Asia’s most internationally relevant design degrees from the prestigious Northumbria University UK.

Northumbria University partnership at AOD maintains its supremacy with the continuous improvement to the syllabi given that the world of fashion and design is continuously changing with the design hubs mainly in Europe, be it London, Paris or Milan. With these changes and the world class International Faculty the five BA (Hons) degrees offered are in Fashion and Textile Design, Fashion Design & Marketing, Interior Design, Graphic Design and Motion Graphics and Animation Design. The state of the art studio rooms in the Sri Lankan campus helps in the practices that students have to move through so that the creativity is molded to fit into the commercial world.

Maldivian students who are currently studying at AOD are encouraged to display their unique outlook on life in their designs and they are constantly inspired by their experiences and the multi cultural environment that they are exposed to. AOD Alumni and students are at the forefront of the design industry making a solid impact and positive changes in society through their work.

Raidha Ismail Shafeeg has become a role model to future Fashion Designers as she steps forward to empower young ambitious women to seize their dreams and live up to their potential. Through her career as a Fashion Designer in Maldives, Raidha has been recognized by The Women on Boards (WOB) and awarded the ‘Wob Distinction & Award For Best Young Woman Professional 2016’ She is a Maldivian AOD Alumni who Graduated from AOD in 2010 and launched her own brand, ‘Raidha’s Maldives’, in the Maldives. Raidha retails online at and showcased her collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Runways in Sri Lanka in 2016.

Fashion Marketing has become a new-age study option which explores fashion trends, digital fashion, e-commerce and the business of fashion which is essential when launching a new fashion label or working for an international fashion brand. It creates a global voice for the industry which surpasses geographical and cultural boundaries.

“Studying Fashion Design and Marketing at AOD has really helped me gain confidence and open up to my own self. Sri Lanka allows me the freedom to express myself and use my individuality in a way which creates an impact and shows what I’m really passionate about. I have big dreams for the future and I know I’m on the right track to achieve them”, stated Aishath Manva , a Maldivian Fashion Marketing student.

Interior Design is emphasizes on architectural space that considers the function and use, material, lighting, space and form. It is an industry which is now moving towards minimalism and sustainability by keeping in touch with the environment and recent trends. Mahuroos Ismail Shafeeq is an Interior Design student hailing from the Maldives who is also passionate about art and photography. He uses his interests in his work in which his Maldivian roots and cultural inspiration shines through in creating Interiors which are timely and yet represents his background and experiences.

“I get a healthy amount of inspiration by studying at AOD as we have a great mix of students who all have such strong personalities and different backgrounds. This also in a way makes me reach out to my Maldivian roots which I like to express in my designs. The Interior Design programme truly serves as platform for us to showcase our work and also to connect with the industry through our designs”, states Mahuroos.

Graphic Design is also a medium which is used to visually communicate ideas and concepts which the creative presentation of images, facts and ideas, graphic design tells a story, delivers a message and makes an impact combining creativity with commercialism and information with imagination. Motion Graphics & Animation enhances this message with technology and technique through film, animation and visual effects. Both these design programmes are offered at AOD to educate and equip the next generation of Designers with the necessary skills and know-how.

AOD has become the common voice of Design in South Asia and it strives to connect people, places, languages and cultures through design in creating an international design community. It is viewed as a hub to study and practice design spanning boundaries by using the latest techniques  and exposure. The Maldivian community plays a major role in combining these aspects and AOD encourages and appreciates the multitude of talent displayed by the Maldivian students and drives its impact through events such as the recently held celebration of the Maldivian Independence Day.