AOD Fashion & Design Graduate Exhibition 2022 opens this December – Presenting over 100 young creatives

The annual graduation exhibition presented by Academy of Design (AOD) will be open to the public at the Colombo Innovation Tower on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of December. The exhibition will showcase the latest and best talent entering the professional design world, in various fields including graphics & visual communications, interior architecture design, motion graphics and animation as well as fashion design. The students will give everyone visiting a 360one vision into the creative world they inhabit, ensuring you get a panoramic view of the best and latest talent in the design industry.

AOD has earned its place at the centre of the design industry in Sri Lanka. As such, students graduating leave college with the most impactful experience from AOD’s wide network of partners and collaborators. Each year, students exhibit portfolios of work that are dynamic, innovative and often sustainably focused.

This year’s theme is 360one – giving everyone visiting a comprehensive insight into the design world; demystifying the design process but also inspiring visitors with ground-breaking conceptual ideas.

Our graduates are then given the unique experience of presenting their work to potential employers. Using AOD’s extensive network built over the years, employers often use this exhibition as an easy and effective space for sourcing the freshest talent needed to grow their businesses. Additionally, graduates are able to meet and connect with like-minded designers from within the industry for a potential collaboration in the future. Whilst the industry and employers flock to the exhibition to grow their trade, over the years the AOD Graduate Showcase has also become an important space for the design industry in Sri Lanka. The exhibition has played a key role in terms of influencing originality, self-expression and change.

In line with this, AOD’s campaign New Local is Global centers around the concept of embracing traditional culture and design, arts and crafts, whilst incorporating an international focus in their work. This ensures new value and international viability for their products and services, making our local design more competitive in the global design market. This contemporary sensibility will be on showcase during the graduation exhibition and everyone is welcome to join in and get inspired!

Aspiring designers who are fresh after completing their O levels and A levels as well as their parents are welcome to explore the exhibition and understand what a future in the design world looks like. The emerging design ecosystem is full of opportunities and the graduation exhibition is a brilliant platform for delving deeper into understanding them. You will hear from past AOD graduates about their experiences as well as their success within their respective fields.

The AOD alumni network is often a gateway into employment, since many of AOD’s graduates hold key positions in many companies both in Sri Lanka as well as internationally. There will be many programmes throughout the three days that will ensure you hear from AOD’s star alumni to understand the true potential of studying design as a career. Entrepreneurship is at the forefront of this showcase and AOD is often seen as a centre for inspiring the latest change-makers and global thinkers in the field of design.

The AOD graduation exhibition will have something stored for each of its visitors. Whether you are looking into hiring the most creative, fresh talent for your business or dreaming about a future career in the design industry, you definitely will be able to find what you’re yearning for! If you have ever found yourself pondering over what a career in design could be, but felt too daunted about getting into the details about the process, then this exhibition is definitely for you!  You will leave with an extensive understanding of the immense potential on offer in the design arena.

AOD extends an open invitation to all young design aspirants who have just completed their O/Ls and A/Ls and their parents to walk in freely to the Colombo Innovation Tower from the 2nd to the 4th of December from 10am to 5pm to experience a panoramic view into the design world, exploring new opportunities and a future in the design industry. For more information on AOD’s Graduate Design Showcase reach AOD on 0775727772 / or visit to discover the full event programme.