AOD Design Sense ‘A weekend of Creative Intel’

A free public event hosted by AOD for post O/L and A/L young creatives this September

‘Design’ is now known to have the ability to add value, enhance or even completely reinvent a business: This is why industries in Sri Lanka and the rest of the world offer high-paid, stable careers for designers. Shedding light on this growing career sector, AOD- Sri Lanka’s leading design educator is hosting Design Sense - a freely accessible open house. The event is designed to create a better understanding of how the business world works with designers today, and how this leads to the availability of many design careers that are lucrative and prestigious as they are fulfilling.

Design Sense is for those who are looking to be inspired and educate themselves on how design can take you to great heights in a unique way which is impactful, unconventional, creative and fun. It is a design weekend  (9th and 10th September) to get a taste of design, which includes a range of specially curated activities such as design talks, video screenings, exciting workshops, mini exhibitions, design studio sessions, one-one-ones with design experts, career counseling and more. If you think different and want an extraordinary future, then Design Sense will be the perfect experience for you.


Speaking about ‘Design Sense’ curated by the AOD faculty with both students and parents in mind, its Principal Karen MacLeod mentioned the following; “Design Sense is that rare opportunity you get to really understand one of today’s greatest learning and working prospects in design. How we have curated this event is keeping that in mind, and understanding the diverse needs, hopes and dreams of different students that we have worked with for over a decade. So, we hope to see students from local and London AL backgrounds, those After OLs who might want to make early decisions and those on pending results to meet us on September 9th and 10th to get a tast of design''

A specially designed series of studio sessions will introduce you to the world of design in terms of Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Visual Communication Design, Interior Design and Motion Graphics and Animation Design. Participants will get a first-hand experience into studying design and the work that is involved behind creating something which is an aesthetically sound, sensible and out of the ordinary. Fashion Design studio sessions will give introduce illustration techniques, trend analysis, fashion styling and the secrets of fashion show production to aspiring fashion designers who would appreciate a taste into the glamour and the business side of the fashion world.

The Visual Communication Design department has a lineup of activities to help you find your own style and identity in designing print and digital based art and how branding, advertising and packaging go hand-in-hand when it comes to visual communication. The Interior Design studio sessions will give an insight to lighting, 3D visualization and creating a space with meaning and identity while Motion Graphics and Animation Design sessions will introduce you to film making, game design and story-telling.

Design Sense will also feature a variety of AOD Alumni who have gone into the industry and are now either working with recognized companies or have become entrepreneurs with their own fashion labels or brands suchas Lonali Rodrigo, founder of sustainable fashion label ‘House of Lonali’, Sanora Rodrigo, Art Director at Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka, Dihan De Silva, Food Photographer and Brand Stylist, Christina Plate- Fashion Designer and Blogger, Hash & Umanga founders of KINGS Co. and many more. These design talks will give the participants an insight into the industry of design and what it takes to stand out and get people to notice your unique skills and talent. It will also highlight the opportunities for design right here in Sri Lanka and how the industry is forever evolving.