AOD Alumni, Darren Vazirani specializing in architectural and product visualization with Interior Design

AODs BA in Interior Design continues to deliver Interior Designers for Sri Lanka, featuring AOD Alumni Darren Vazirani

AOD Alumni Darren Vazirani is an Interior Designer with a unique eye for 3D conceptualization specializing in residential and hospitality design. Darren, past pupil of St. Peter’s College, Colombo is the Founder of ‘DarrenVazirani Interior Design/ 3D Visualizations.’

Interior Architecture Design has become a profession which requires precise skill and educational know-how in order to stay on par with industry knowledge. As the residential and leisure industry grows, the need for professional Interior Designers is becoming increasingly important. Interior Design goes beyond appearance to a combination of aspects such as building technology, ergonomics, environmental factors, health and safety and comprehensive understanding of Design. The modern day consumer places high importance on the visual appeal of a place they visit, which means the need for Interior Designers has moved on from hotels and restaurants to include corporate offices, hospitals, leisure spaces such as salons and spas, retail stores and an array of other places.

Darren’s specialty is 3D Visualization. It blends technical skill and visual artistry to create an end product which is realistic and rich in detail. The extreme capabilities of 3D Visualization make it a highly effective method of conceptualizing, weighing options and communicating the vision to a client. Based on the virtual model, a designer can easily spot any construction issues or design problems that fixed renderings could miss. This allows the client to have a say in each step of the design process. Darren visualizes his interior design projects in a way that allows him the freedom to use his strengths and also to ensure that designs are in line with the client’s needs. “3D visualization allows me to take the client through the whole design process, starting from white space, furnishing and lighting to the finish-off. This gives them a clear look and feel to the concept and gives room for any technical adjustments or improvements”, states Darren, speaking of his visualization projects.

A passion for design turned into a solid career path when he decided to follow the BA (Hons) Interior Design Degree at AOD, offered via partnership with prestigious Northumbria University UK, rated one of Europe’s top Design Schools. Interior Architecture requires a broad spectrum of technical skill, knowledge and the ability to influence the way one experiences a certain space.

Darren designs for individuals and commercial parties both locally and internationally while mainly focusing on the European market. “I am able to bring any concept to life through my work in a way which gives a beautiful, clear and engaging outcome It’s a joy to bring life and be a part of how an individual experiences a space and how they live, work and interact”, states Darren speaking of the impact his career makes in the industry and on a personal level.

The Interior Design Program at AOD fully focuses on delivering on design Excellence, critical thinking, collaboration, research and the professional expectations to create interior architects and designers such as the likes of Darren. Students at AOD study interior spaces in  a comprehensive manner;  their functions, finish materials and furnishings, colour and lighting, furniture design, building systems and health and safety, function etc. In addition to this, the program is taught by a multi cultural faculty from around the world and nurtures a culturally diverse and international learning experience that underscores innovation and collaboration in global contexts right here in Sri Lanka. Enriched by study tours from around the country, tours to Asia like Singapore and Hong Kong to ones in New York, it trains an international eye in each student.

Interior designers lead design teams from the early stages of a design project through to its installation as a finished interior space, and many students, after gaining work experience, will open their own design firms. Students are given opportunities to develop leadership abilities throughout their studies at AOD including an internship, as well as entrepreneurial, communication and organizational skills before they graduate; and our support systems continue for them as alumni.  Interior design is perfect for those who love to be creative and work with others creating amazing designs for places where people live and work.