Amesh spring/summer 2018 collection catwalk show for LFW

Amesh Wijesekera’s debut collection, created in collaboration with soon-to-launch sustainable lifestyle label SRI, makes it obvious that the young designer will soon be a big name in the fashion world. Combining the sunset colours and flower patterns of his native South Asia with the youthful influences of Western street style, the collection is irresistibly appealing and presents a seamless collision of these two influences. Wijesekera’s aesthetic aims to be both local and global, looking forward to the ultra-modern trends of global high fashion as well as back to millennia-old South Asian wisdom, and, though this is a large task for any one collection, it would be difficult to argue that he does not succeed.

The loose, slouchy fit of Wijesekera’s pieces, paired with the striped baseball socks and sandals frequently seen on London fashion bloggers and art students, gives them an appealing casual vibe. Wide legs and a-line dresses are common, with only the occasional high cinched waist used to great effect. While the designs are often simple and understated, there is an attention to detail that makes it obvious how much thought has gone into each piece.

Though every look in the collection is immensely on-trend – with even the models’ eyeshadow nodding to the current vogue for bold swipes of colour – the star of the show comes in the form of two knitwear pieces, one a high turtleneck and the other a black and red jumper, both embellished with asymmetrical patches of fur.


Vicky Munro
Photos: Krish Nagari