After A/L's, Join the Creative Industries with AOD Design

Get access to your design career through AOD - Northumbria University UK’s degree programme

The professional future that most young adults of today search for is one where they have independence and personal fulfillment amidst financial and career security. In this backdrop, more and more intelligent youth are embracing Design as a modern career option to deliver the future they want. With design gaining growing industry recognition in Sri Lanka, designers are now offered stable, high-paid careers by businesses and brands. Whether it is being a fashion designer for the country’s massive apparel businesses, a successful User Interface Designer for the IT industry, a high-paid interior designer for the hotel industry or  an animation artist in creating viral video content for advertising, the design careers presented today are as diverse as they are personally inspiring and professionally fulfilling  that  they can be completed right here in Sri Lanka.

Enrolments for the 2017 intake are now in progress at AOD where AOD is seeking those big thinkers, free dreamers and creative revolutionaries as AOD presents world class design degrees from the prestigious Northumbria University UK that can be fully completed in Sri Lanka. If you’re a young creative person in Sri Lanka, you too now have the chance to access the future that you truly want as AOD Design Campus in Colombo presents a guaranteed pathway to highly successful creative careers with a world-class design degree.

The series of internationally recognised British design degrees at AOD have been especially structured to feed qualified graduates directly into the biggest local industries and their demands for designers. Offered in partnership with the prestigious Northumbria University UK, these degrees are recognised across the world and are available to be completed in Sri Lanka at AOD.

Visual Communication Design & Motion Graphics & Animation

Among the key design career qualifications presented by AOD is visual communication (graphic) design. This is one of the most powerful degrees in design, giving access to over a hundred career paths across various businesses. It is a career that demands a high creative and strategic thinking input, and is the creative and strategic backbone of major industries such as advertising while also training students to take on modern creative roles in branding, corporate identity design, packaging, user-interface design, web design, user experience design etc. Similarly, AOD’s BA (Hons) Motion Graphics and Animation programme by Northumbria UK focuses on creating designers for film, television, computer games, advertising, software and new media.


Fashion Design and Fashion Design & Marketing

The fashion training at AOD steps away from the common take on fashion that involves drawing dresses and coming up with new styles off a catalogue. It is a course that pushes reality of the fashion industry in a much deeper sense and prepares fashion graduates to join this powerful industry by making their mark in the fashion world with own entrepreneurial ventures or by joining Sri Lanka’s multi-billion dollar apparel industry. The newly launched Northumbria UK Fashion Marketing & Design degree at AOD is setup to engage students in all aspects of fashion marketing studies, from forecasting, market research, fashion graphics, illustration, styling to promotional techniques and fashion media. This program gives an overview into Fashion business and how to drive with creativity. For those big dreamers with big ideas and entrepreneurial dreams, the course also grooms students on concept generation and understanding brand messages to design for market needs.

Interior Design

Interior design is a fast-growing sector that presents some of the most rewarding careers available today. Providing spatial and experiential solutions for hospitality, tourism, retail and other significant industries by allowing people to experience space in a new way, this industry is another venue that after ALs students can explore in design. The Northumbria UK interior design degree at AOD is structured to train professionals who are creative and independent thinkers with a great understanding of space and its elements such as lighting, surface texture and movement etc. 

AOD’s unique combination of academic training, hands on studio time, exposure to design inspiration and global opportunities is what makes the AOD designer a one of a kind creative pro. Over the past decade, AOD has established itself as the most trusted partner for design-led industries in Sri Lanka and abroad. AOD believes that design can change the world and good design education is where it all starts.

As the 2017 intake for these powerful degrees progresses, AOD invites after ALs students to explore design and its many career avenues to access the future they want.