AFTER A/L's Find out how to make a Creative Career in the New Age Economy

AOD’s Creative Career Month, that will take place from the 27th – 30th of August, initiates an open discussion on tomorrow’s biggest job opportunities for creative young minds, where business world begins to value design thinking and how it all links to making smarter career choices.

The rebel artist who won’t stop drawing on the back of their school notebooks, the young creative intellectual whose ideas seem to hold the potential to shake the world, the aspiring designer, the tech enthusiast and the budding business brain that have always had an unusual flair for thinking outside the box; these are the sure success-stories in the business of creativity. And for them, the best higher education choices After ALs are in the creative industries where businesses like fashion, film and television, visual communication design and interior architecture as well as pathways like business and tech innovation present fantastic career opportunities whether in the concrete jungles of New York, or in Colombo. To understand these opportunities, the technical skills needed to access these careers and the study pathways to get there, focused career guidance for creatively intelligent young people right after ALs will take place at AOD’s Creative Career Month 2019.

The future is creative

AOD has long been a promoter of futuristic career guidance and skill enhancement to meet tomorrow’s needs. With the Creative Career Month 2019, AOD looks to initiate a closer look at the employment opportunities, skills development and higher education that especially caters for the creative types. The career month will unfold with a series of events such as workshops, exhibitions and awareness building talks with leading young leaders in creative sectors, innovators as well as designers. With this, AOD aims to help school leavers and their parents understand what the current shifts in business, technology and knowledge mean, particularly for jobs, skills and recruitment practices across industries, and why creative thinking roles are becoming so highly valued in business today.

Another major reason why AOD facilitates this progressive discourse on the future of jobs is due to recognition that ‘creativity and design thinking’ are receiving as one of the top skills of the future. “We think it’s really important for school leavers to understand the future of the job market and understand the significance of design and creative thinking before they plunge into higher education choices and career pathways. We are inviting all After ALs students, even After OLs students who’re surer of their next step, and their parents to join us,” said a creative career guidance expert from AOD.

Crafting space, fashion forward, tomorrow worlds and a visual weekend

Linking up with the degree programmes that AOD offers in partnership with Northumbria University UK, this creative career focus month will bring out the jobs, prospects, incomes and growth opportunities of powerful new career paths such as fashion, interior architecture, animation, visual communication design, film, innovation for business, creative applications of technology and fashion marketing. For example, the SPACE CRAFT day dedicated to interior architecture will allow school leavers to understand where their natural creativity can be honed to craft spaces for businesses, hospitality and much more. FASHION FWD—a day of fashion will allow young minds to explore the incredible opportunities in the multi-billion dollar business of fashion and apparel, while VISUAL WKND is a two day event that weaves through the career prospects in film, graphic design, advertising, publishing and packaging. Meanwhile, TMRW WRLD dedicated workshop day will help young creative people interested in applying their imaginations to technology and business to understand where their dream careers will be.



Interior Design & Architecture Day | 27th August


Fashion & Fashion Marketing Management Day | 28nd August


Visual Design Day | 29th August


Business, Innovation & Computer Science Day | 30th August


ARTs café

4G fiber free wifi zone

VR experiences

Gaming station

Design and art exhibition

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