Academy of Design launches ‘Design Never Stops’ enrolment campaign inspired by AOD Creative Students & the resilience of Generation Z

At the onset of 2020, none could have predicted the extent to which the world would be heaved upside down. However, the unprecedented health crisis and the economic disruption which followed have been felt most heavily by millennials and Gen Z’ers. All the same, surveys have revealed some hearteningly positive results.

For one, the 2020 Deloitte Global Millennial Survey has found that both demographics –in spite of seemingly unsurmountable challenges- have expressed surprising resolve and vision to build a better future; determined to drive positive change in their communities and around the world.

Gen Z’ers in particular –or ‘Generation Zoom’- are living the full extent of the pandemic; the oldest of whom are either just embarking on their graduate education or choosing to invest in their undergrad studies. While previous generations have struggled to adapt with their lot of challenges at similar stages in their lives, the same survey indicates that Gen Z’ers have overcome the hurdles of financial, personal, and mental stresses, all while maintaining a more empathetic and purpose-driven mind-set that will likely shape the world that emerges once the crisis passes.

Another noticeable trend, is that most Gen Z’ers are intuitively shifting towards more future-proof career paths; choosing the creative sciences for instance, over more traditional professions. Studies on the current and post-COVID career landscape have predicted that creatives, designers, and entrepreneurs across all industries have greater economic security than most other careers. Innovation is at the heart of any business strategy, health crisis solution, government campaign, global movement, or any positive change; concurrently, design never does stop, let alone for a pandemic. 

It is for this very reason that The Academy of Design has chosen this resilient generation as the inspiration behind its 2021 ‘Design Never Stops’ enrolment campaign; a celebration of the strong-willed AOD student, as well of the fresh group of students about to walk through the university doors. ‘Design Never Stops’ hopes to further uplift AOD’s current students as the influencers and ambassadors of unstoppable design and creativity of the future; a post-pandemic future that is tuned by the beat of its young people.

Gen Z also happens to be the demographic that most mirrors the ethos of the country’s leading design education institution. Synonymous with innovation and disruption of the status quo, it is only fitting that resolve is nurtured by a learning environment, faculty, and syllabus that reflects the same goal.

At a time where many institutions struggled to adapt, AOD seamlessly switched gears to carry on unfazed. While the world was in chaos, at AOD, lectures progressed online, virtual exhibitions were held, and graduates celebrated their milestone with above average results. More importantly, another batch of committed, value-oriented, and confident young adults were released into the world; strengthened in their resolve to improve society, and expecting businesses and governments too to adapt to a more empathetic, climate conscious, and inclusive world.

A/L students looking to invest in a future in design, can choose from a wide portfolio of BA Hons programs to suit their individual design passions. From Fashion and Textile Design to Design and Animation, from Visual Communications to Interior Design, the academy equips its students with an interdisciplinary skillset to become an unstoppable design force in the industry. All graduate programmes are conducted in partnership with Northumbria University UK by an internationally qualified and experienced faculty, also affording a unique hybrid study model where students can opt to pursue the final year of their degree in the UK.

O/L graduates don’t often get the opportunity to get a head start on their career of choice, but AOD’s Design Foundation Program has been curated keeping those with an early interest in design in mind. With this all-encompassing course, students are given a well-rounded and immersive introduction to all of the design disciples - fashion, interior design, animation, graphic design-, and are armed with the knowledge of how best to implement their skillsets; well-positioned with a greater advantage when it comes to deciding on the next step of their education.

2021 also saw the launch of AOD's graduate School of Design and the start of innovative new MA programs at AOD. To fulfil and cater to the demands of the industry –ensuring also that even those currently employed remain relevant and ahead of their game- AOD.  Offering 3 future-forward MA programs:  Design Innovation, Design Management & Entrepreneurship and Contour Fashion, in partnership with the world-renowned De Montfort University, and will create dynamic innovators and future-proof entrepreneurs to lead industry transformation.

Even more excitingly, MA students enrolling in the Design Management and Entrepreneurship program, will have the added opportunity of being a part of AOD Graduate School’s Startup School; Sri Lanka’s first ever start up school for creatives.  What differentiates this offering from the rest is that it will not only enable talent to enter the broad spectrum of employment opportunities available within the global marketplace, but will also tune students to be a part of the momentum driving the industry forward, using leading edge thinking in global management practices. AOD’s startup school will ideally serve those with the intent to embark on their own entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial journey, and even those with already-established businesses looking to scale up to the next level.

All students at AOD benefit from unmatchable access to more than just a world-class design education. Aside from the qualified and experienced educators that make up its global faculty, and a location at the Colombo Innovation Tower –the country’s most prestigious innovation space-, students are also given the opportunity to make the most of the university’s regional industry connections, international design conferences and showcases, as well as award-winning industry collaborative projects. Additionally, owing to its extensive pool of connections across a wide range of design industries, and a highly successful and well-placed alumni network, the university also has a consistent track record of producing highly-sought after and employable designers. 

To find out more about Fashion, Fashion Marketing, Interior Design, Visual Communication Design and Motion Graphics & Animation Design, reach AOD Colombo on 0775727772, email or walk in between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday - Colombo Innovation Tower (CIT) 477, R A De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 04