“Design careers are built on the top 3 skills of 2020.”

What does that mean for our next generation?

Businesses will increasingly value skills linked to design led innovation and creative thinking

Graduates with higher education in design will have access to the most in-demand careers in the world

In Sri Lanka, power industries like apparel, hospitality and exports already seek creative thinkers and design talent to lead important roles


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What our Graduates say about us… 



Amesh Wijesekera , BA (Hons) Fashion & Textile Design
Award-winning International Fashion Designer  

My design journey and professional education began at AOD.  It was from here that I truly found myself, along with the amazing lecturers and people I met along throughout three and a half years! This has paved the foundation and stepping-stones to what I have achieved and what I will be. I have had many memorable experiences at AOD from winning the ‘Student Graduate Industry Collaboration’ award at the ‘Mercedes Benz Fashion and Apparel Awards Sri Lanka’, winning the International catwalk competition at Graduate Fashion Week and going on showcase at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week. 


Isuru Liyanage, BA (Hons) Fashion & Textile Design
Senior Designer,MAS Linea Aqua
Joining AOD changed my whole life. The culture and the educational background offered at AOD were so different from what I was used to and the students had so much talent and dedication. The Fashion Design Degree at AOD was very hands on and the International exposure I got while studying such as showcasing my collections twice in UK – once at London Fashion week AW 2014 International Fashion Showcase Future Sustainable Fashion Exhibition has made a major impact on inspiring me and improving my work

Nithya Lamahewa , BA (Hons) Fashion & Textile Design
Founder, Nithya

While I studied for my Northumbria University UK degree at AOD, our faculty always encouraged us to go out and explore traditional arts and crafts. Through many study tours to villages, special workshops with artisans and guest lectures with international designers who work with crafts, I started identifying the huge potential held by the local handloom industry. This was the beginning of my brand ‘Nithya’. AOD has been a major part of my design journey from the very beginning.


Rukshika Fernando , BA (Hons) Fashion & Textile Design 


 AOD is where I found my way to become an all-rounder designer. AOD has not only helped me with international opportunities but also the education at AOD is what prepped me for this career in design. The fantastic international faculty at AOD has always given me their fullest support and I think it’s a place that can do wonders for designers like me.


Lonali Rodrigo , BA (Hons) Fashion & Textile Design 

Founder, House of Lonali

The beginning of my career as a design entrepreneur was because of AOD- From handling finances, advertising/promotion, production quality maintenance, store merchandising to even etiquette in maintaining client-relationships was taught to me. It was an amazing infrastructure that covered every aspect of business start-ups and I’m truly thankful for it. My most prominent achievement was to be part of the first-ever Sri Lankan delegation for the prestigious London Fashion Week in 2013 –It’s a milestone in my life. I never thought my brand will reach such lengths in such a short time, and I’m thankful to AOD for making it happen


Dinushi Pamunuwa , BA (Hons) Fashion & Textile Design
Founder, Pras & Danties

I can’t thank AOD enough for being part of my growth as a designer and an entrepreneur even years after I graduated. The 2016 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Runways presented by AOD where Pras and Danties was part of the SS17 travel collections launched worldwide was such a huge opportunity for me and it really pushed me forward in terms of professional and personal growth. I’m glad I made the right choice in education because it has certainly come a long way for me.

Christina Peiris , BA (Hons) Fashion & Textile Design

Founder, X.TINA

AOD laid the foundation for my degree with the unconditional help and support from my lecturers. They were able to help me love designing even more than I already did. They helped me grow and understand the fashion industry in a whole other level. There’s so much that goes in to my brand X.TINA that I have learnt at AOD and I’m forever thankful that my father was able to support me pursue my dreams.

Dihan de Silva , BA (Hons) Visual Communication Design

Creative Director, Exotic Melon                                            My education at AOD helped me understand from the very traditional basics to the open-ended future possibilities of the profession; it’s a really great balance of both worlds. I think this education plus the international exposure I got at AOD by going to Cannes Lions in France and DesignYatra in Goa all helped me to bring up work to be more contemporary and in-sync with the rest of the world. The introduction of guest lecturers helped in understanding the fundamentals of local and international design and an insight to their cultural aspects in design. The visual communication design programme at AOD definitely laid down a great foundation for me.

Hash Bandara , BA (Hons) Visual Communication Design Co-Founder, KINGS Co. The exposure to International artists/designers and lecturers opened up my mind to newer possibilities. AOD’s culture is quite unique and it’s where I was nurtured to be a Creative Entrepreneur. It was more than just design education; it was an experience which changed my life.

Sugapratha Somaskantha Iyer ,BA (Hons) Motion Graphics & Animation Design AOD has been really supportive throughout my degree and has always given me room to explore my ideas and the freedom to use techniques and my own style on projects. I’m really proud to have graduated with such a high class degree which has made me ready for the industry

Marianne Gooneratna , BA (Hons) Interior Design 
Director and Principal Designer at LADYNEON Pvt. Ltd
What I value the most about the higher education I received from AOD is my ability to conceptualise. Also while at AOD I studied the complexities of different interior design genres such as; commercial, retail, exhibition, hospitality and residential design. This increases the scope of work I can take on. My then lecturers still continue on as lifelong mentors and AOD also provides a lot of support to its entrepreneurial alumni

Shenali De Fonseka , BA (Hons) Interior Design Degree
Founder, Shenali de Fonseka Interior Design
I started with Design Foundation and then moved on to my Degree in Interior Design. I had great lecturers at AOD who worked tirelessly to bring out my true potential. What I like about AOD the most was that we were not restricted to classroom lectures. We had a lot of practical exposure where we visited creations by legendary Architects of Sri Lanka, Art Exhibitions and local and foreign Study Tours. Once completing my education at AOD I was quite confident to start working in the industry; thanks to my lecturers who sharpened my skills and built my confidence by sharing their knowledge and real life experiences  

What the Industry says about us…

Deshamanya Mahesh Amalean
Chairman, MAS Holdings On behalf of MAS Holdings, I would like to recognise AOD for playing an important role in the education and development of design competency as the centre for South Asian Operations to Northumbria University – School of Design, UK. Design will play a crucial role in the future of the Sri Lankan Apparel industry and MAS Holdings recognises the importance of instilling creativity in young minds through design education.

Ashroff Omar
CEO, Brandix Lanka Limited
I commend AOD for its continued efforts in the development of the creative industries and administering internationally recognized Design Education from the prestigious Northumbria University - School of Design in the UK. I am certain that these efforts will lead to the development of the next generation of fashion graduates with the requisite skills that the market demands to support the growth of the industry.  

Ranil De Silva

Managing Director, Leo Burnett Sri Lanka 
AOD has always produced outstanding young talent and the diversity of thinking of the students and work is different. Above else I feel there is a new design language that is evolving from the work that is produced by AOD student

Varuni Amunugama Fernando
Managing Director, Triad
I think design will play a big part in taking local products and brands to the next level by enhancing their value with good brand identity, packaging and so on. As someone in the design service sector, this is very encouraging. It is great to see that Sri Lanka has the correct design education and training, especially with industry forward educators like AOD paving the way ahead

Neela Marikkar

Chairperson, Dentsu Grant Group
We believe that today’s young creative talent must be nurtured and encouraged to meet their growing aspirations. The creative and design industries are also constantly looking to hire bright young individuals in the creative and design fields and the opportunities for employment are growing every day. As the leading communications group in the country we are encouraged with the role that AOD is playing in helping to meet this need by joining forces with the Northumbria University-School of Design of UK. No doubt this will be a great boost not just in Sri Lanka. 

Janeeth Rodrigo
General Manager, Digital Media -Derana
AOD has been able to cultivate amazing talent in the Motion Graphics and Animation Design department. The student projects are quite up to industry standard and specially in gaming and animation they are above industry standard. This is a really good sign for Sri Lanka and the animation industry.  

Channa Daswatta
A lot of the time there is not much visibility between professional organizations and academic institutions. AOD Reveal shows the good work AOD is doing and nurturing the talent by giving them a platform to expose them to the industry.  

James Balmond
Creative Director,Balmond Studio
 A lot of the time there is not much visibility between professional organizations and academic institutions. AOD Reveal shows the good work AOD is doing and nurturing the talent by giving them a platform to expose them to the industry.

Ruchi Jeyanadan
  AOD is doing a great job in developing the design industry and what is most interesting as an architect and a designer is the multi-disciplinary influences that every graduate from AOD has that adds value to the industry.