Sustainable Sourcing Study Abroad Program / 3 Weeks

Sustainable Sourcing

Cultural immersion + new design dimensions + industry intimacy

This unique three-week, credit-bearing international study programme is for students interested in creative textile explorations, supply chain management and sustainable fashion. It offers an intimate view into conscious practices in fashion design, product making and sourcing, via the lens of the South Asian island of Sri Lanka. With the curriculum and study experiences built around the island’s artisanal cultures, creative heritage and sustainable manufacturing models that serve as an inspiring case study, a working model and a future production source, this summer course will help you develop your design approach, advance your knowledge, and immerse yourself in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The certificate award offered after completion will be testimony for your ability to consult fashion brands with new knowledge that will give them a special edge, and your place in a sustainable sourcing network for own brands. 

The Programme

Talks + Workshops + Industry meetings + Field trips + Project reviews + Mentorship

Core study experience  

 The course is a multifaceted experience, balancing immersive cultural experiences with engaging in sustainable fashion and connecting to active, global businesses and supply chains. The programme is all about understanding the elements of design quality, bringing in a unique sense of story while building on your own business network.


Sustainable fashion

Design resources + creative inspiration + studio facilities

Your study components in sustainable design are intended to help you open up new dimensions in your formal fashion education and to help you discover all new creative inspiration. Think workshops with artisan-designer duos, talks by local entrepreneurs leading own sustainable design practices and collaborative studio environments thick with like-minded creatives and talent.   


Supply chain management

Understanding the makers + networking + lifetime connections

Programme participants will follow the steps of a working supply chain from direct interactions with micro village designers/weavers to cutting-edge, high-tech sustainable manufacturers, seeing first hand Sri Lanka’s award-winning green apparel industry produce advanced products for their international clients. These connections will not only advance your knowledge in the essentials of managing supply chains, but also establish valuable networks to get your own business going.


Cultural immersions

Artisanal heritage + changing cultures + island way of doing things

The immersive cultural experiences are an important part of crafting a unique study opportunity. These intimate views form the essential backstory creating a unique understanding of a place and its people before beginning to decode its crafts, techniques, production methods, supply chains and businesses. Presented as excursions into artisanal heritage villages amidst breathtaking tropical landscapes, social engagements within urban subcultures, and unique personal experiences, the programme’s rich cultural component will create for you a new perspective on working with local professionals in unusual destinations.


Programme Dates

Summer Programme for Students: 15th July 2019

Duration: 3 weeks

Summer Programme for Industry Professionals: 12th August 2019

Duration: 3 weeks 


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Application Deadlines

Round One: 15th December 2018
Round Two: 30th May 2019

(We have a limited number of places on the program and encourage all applicants to apply)

*Sri Lanka is one of the top ten tourist destinations to visit and we encourage students to tag a holiday at the end of the trip in Sri Lanka. Students who register in Round 1 will receive special holiday packages from our Travel Partners for review. This will be shared only once students register online.

Course Fee

Student Version
Registration: USD150
Course fees (including field trips and all associated costs): USD2200
Optional accommodation package: USD1000 (21 days twin/single share)

Industry Professionals Version
Registration: USD150
Course fees: (including field trips and all associated costs): USD2600
Optional accommodation package: USD1500 (21 days twin/single share)

Students are free to book their own accommodation
Fee does not include:
• Food and beverage
• Visa
• Personal side trips and travel