MORE FROM TOMORROW - Design Career Month

If you’re after OLs or ALs, and tired of the same old career paths that everyone is struggling for, don’t settle! Because, that dream career where inspiration, creativity and incredible experiences are the everyday mantra, is real.

AOD presents its annual design careers month with a taste of some of the best modern careers out there, for those who demand for more out of tomorrow. 

Fashion Design & Marketing

Visual Communication Design

Motion Graphics & Animation Design 

Interior Architectural Design

An unusual open house that takes you behind the scenes of design careers that are in-demand by industries, with exposure to creative inspiration, new ideas and practical experience on what it’s like to work as a design professional.

Workshops / Talks / Exhibitions / Designer Meet-and-Greets / Career Guidance

With real-life resources that walk you through the prospects and incomes in design careers, this event is all about helping you make big decisions on what you want out of tomorrow.

5th May - Motion Graphics & Animation Design
12th May - Interior Design
19th May - Visual Communication Design
26th May - Fashion Design & Textiles and Fashion Design & Marketing

10.00am - 4.00pm

Call 0775727772 to pre-register!