MA Contour Fashion Innovation

AOD GS x De Montfort University UK Partnership

Explore creativity, technologies and entrepreneurship within the changing global landscape of the specialised field of Contour Fashion, and develop the skills to become a successful innovator in the industry.

Contour Fashion is a huge, established and specialised field within fashion design. It is defined by garments worn close to, or shaping the contours of the human form, including corsetry, lingerie, swimwear, performance sportswear, nightwear and athleisure. The Contour Fashion Innovation MA is ideal for contour graduates with advanced pattern-cutting skills wishing to further their practice, or fashion or textile graduates who want to specialise in contour design.

The course explores creativity, technologies and entrepreneurship, alongside the technical considerations of this complex specialism. Contextual studies into historical, political, social and cultural considerations are at the core of this programme and fuel intellectual curiosity, speculative enquiry, imagination, and divergent thinking to successfully understand design concepts.

During this course, we prepare our graduates to succeed in this competitive and fast-developing industry. Our unparalleled understanding of the sector informs the curriculum and includes loungewear, sportswear and athleisurewear – these specialisms are in high demand following the global shift to remote working which has led to a growth in comfort-inspired, fashion-driven work attire. Marketing and visual communication is examined from the viewpoint of a creative individual, giving you the skills to develop a leading-edge portfolio and the insight into how a contour fashion label might be launched into the market place.

DURATION : 2 years


Term one

  • Contour Foundations (core)
  • Research Methods (core)

Choose one module from the following:

  • Design, Innovation and Sustainability (elective)
  • Fashion Promotion and Marketing (elective)
  • Integrated Brand Management (elective)

Term two

  • Contour Creative (core)
  • Supply and Sourcing (core)

Choose one module from the following:

  • Business Planning for Creative Entrepreneurs (elective)
  • Managing Business Web Presence (elective)
  • Critical Perspectives on Ethical and Sustainable Fashion (elective)
  • Global Markets: Designing Businesses for International Growth (elective)

Term three

Choose one of the following:

  • Major Project: Design Concept, OR
  • Major Project: Dissertation, OR
  • Work Based Project/Placement, OR
  • Major Project: Design Practice