Diploma in Jewelry Design

Today, the creation of fine and costume jewelry is a multi-billion-dollar global industry dominated by big names. To succeed in this competitive, highly specialized field, jewellery designers need imagination and creativity as well as professional training. Ability to foresee trends that will soon be in high demand, and to design and manufacture custom pieces to meet exact measurements are not born talents. They come with education and experience. This 12 month Diploma in Jewelry design at AOD will provide a platform of skills and knowledge to create professional jewelry designers. AOD is Colombo’s only fully integrated Design Institute and is Sri Lanka’s foremost private sector Center for Art and Design with over 300 full time design students and it’s high quality teaching faculty from around the world, AOD offers students a dynamic environment in which to study design whilst taking one of the most time – honored traditions of adornment, 21st century & a competitive field that demands creativity as well as technical skills. AOD’s program trains students to see both trend and innovation inside of a modern market. Request information