Fundamentals in Digital Photography

Fundamentals in Digital Photography


“I didn’t choose photography; photography chose me.”

Got what it takes to see and capture the world differently, but need to iron out your technicals and aesthetics to step things up? Calling amateurs, young professionals in creative sectors and photography enthusiasts; This study experience is to better focus your experiments with the lens for work, creative exploration and professional practice.

Duration: 12 weeks 

- Use and control of digital SLR cameras
- Composition and creative styles
- Various photographic fields
- Storytelling
- Natural and studio lighting
- Digital editing workflow


Taught by Photographer Luka Alagiyawanna (Bachelor of Art in Photography, Berlin)

Insights to portrait, fashion and documentary photography plus, the history of the medium as well as its new approaches. Through regular feedback rounds and assisted studio time, students will be able to reflect and develop their own work according to personal style, interests and skills.


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What the Design Industry says about us…


Ranil De SilvaRanil De Silva
Managing Director, Leo Burnett Sri Lanka
AOD has always produced outstanding young talent and the diversity of thinking of the students and work is different. Above else I feel there is a new design language that is evolving from the work that is on display today.






Varuni Amunugama Fernando

Varuni Amunugama Fernando
Managing Director, Triad Advertising

I think design will play a big part in taking local products and brands to the next level by enhancing their value with good brand identity, packaging and so on. As someone in the design service sector, this is very encouraging. It is great to see that Sri Lanka has the correct design education and training, especially with industry forward educators like AOD paving the way ahead.




Neela MarikkarNeela Marikkar
Chairperson, Dentsu Grant Group
 We believe that today’s young creative talent must be nurtured and encouraged to meet their growing aspirations. The creative and design industries are also constantly looking to hire bright young individuals in the creative and design fields and the opportunities for employment are growing every day. As the leading communications group in the country we are encouraged with the role that AOD is playing in helping to meet this need by joining forces with the Northumbria University-School of Design of UK. No doubt this will be a great boost not just in Sri Lanka.




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