Fashion Revolution Sri Lanka


Academy of Design (AOD) in support of Fashion Revolution 2018 - April 23 to 29

This Fashion Revolution week, we as country coordinator will be sharing how we have progressed the conversation on Sustainable Fashion over the years and where it currently stands around an online event we are organizing, through stories and participation from retailers, brands, individuals, and groups, we believe could contribute to the bigger picture of what fashion revolution stands for.


Country Coordinator Fashion Revolution

Join the Revolution

If you are a brand, retailer, producer or a distributor, use #FashionRevolution to show us the people in your supply chain by sharing their stories and help transform the industry by demonstrating transparency in your supply chain. 

If you are a maker, a producer, a factory worker or a representative of them as a brand, retailer, producer or distributor, tell us the stories with #IMadeYourClothes and connect with the people who wear them.

As a wearer of fashion, ask your favourite brands #WhoMadeMyClothes demanding supply chain visibility and contributing to ethical business practices.