BA (Hons) Fashion Design & Marketing Degree / 3 Years Full Time

Fashion Marketing (Fashion Product & Promotion) is an amazing pathway into the world of fashion, allowing you to explore fashion concepts, products and promotions for future markets. Students get to engage in all aspects of fashion studies, from research into fashion markets and their customers, fashion forecasting, fashion graphics, illustration, photographic styling and promotional techniques, as well as actual design realisation projects through pattern creation and garment construction..

Students in their final year draw upon their skills and experiences over the previous three years to enable them to specialise in their year-long Final Major Project. They select to work in one of the 2 main areas of Fashion Product (menswear, womenswear, lingerie, performance wear, accessories or homeware) or Graphics and Illustration (magazines, trend books or graphic product). The students are also responsible for the promotion of their Final Major Project fashion concepts through such mediums as photographic styling, film, digital outputs and fashion graphics, as well as considering other forms of creative promotional activities. Student’s final work is then displayed at Reveal graduate design exhibition and the annual Sri Lanka Design Festival which are attended by key figures in the fashion industry.

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What our Graduates say about us… 


Rukshika FernandoRukshika Fernando

























AOD is where I found my way to become an all-rounder designer. AOD has not only helped me with international opportunities but also the education at AOD is what prepped me for this career in design. The fantastic international faculty at AOD has always given me their fullest support and I think it’s a place that can do wonders for designers like me.




Lonali Rodrigo
Lonali Rodrigo
Founder, House of Lonali

The beginning of my career as a design entrepreneur was because of AOD- From handling finances, advertising/promotion, production quality maintenance, store merchandising to even etiquette in maintaining client-relationships was taught to me. It was an amazing infrastructure that covered every aspect of business start-ups and I’m truly thankful for it. My most prominent achievement was to be part of the first-ever Sri Lankan delegation for the prestigious London Fashion Week in 2013 –It’s a milestone in my life. I never thought my brand will reach such lengths in such a short time, and I’m thankful to AOD for making it happen.




Dinushi PamunuwaDinushi Pamunuwa
Founder, Pras & Danties

I can’t thank AOD enough for being part of my growth as a designer and an entrepreneur even years after I graduated. The 2016 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Runways presented by AOD where Pras and Danties was part of the SS17 travel collections launched worldwide was such a huge opportunity for me and it really pushed me forward in terms of professional and personal growth. I’m glad I made the right choice in education because it has certainly come a long way for me.






Christina Peiris
Founder, X.TINA

AOD laid the foundation for my degree with the unconditional help and support from my lecturers. They were able to help me love designing even more than I already did. They helped me grow and understand the fashion industry in a whole other level. There’s so much that goes in to my brand X.TINA that I have learnt at AOD and I’m forever thankful that my father was able to support me pursue my dreams. 



What the Design Industry says about us…


Deshamanya Mahesh AmaleanDeshamanya Mahesh Amalean 
Chairman, MAS Holdings

On behalf of MAS Holdings, I would like to recognise AOD for playing an important role in the education and development of design competency as the centre for South Asian Operations to Northumbria University – School of Design, UK. Design will play a crucial role in the future of the Sri Lankan Apparel industry and MAS Holdings recognises the importance of instilling creativity in young minds through design education.











Ashroff Omar
Ashroff Omar
CEO, Brandix Lanka Limited

I commend AOD for its continued efforts in the development of the creative industries and administering internationally recognized Design Education from the prestigious Northumbria University - School of Design in the UK. I am certain that these efforts will lead to the development of the next generation of fashion graduates with the requisite skills that the market demands to support the growth of the industry.

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