BA (Hons) Fashion Design & Marketing Degree

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By Fathima Deen 2nd year BA (Hons) Fashion Design & Marketing


Fashion Marketing (Fashion Product & Promotion) is an amazing pathway into the world of fashion, allowing you to explore fashion concepts, products and promotions for future markets. Students get to engage in all aspects of fashion studies, from research into fashion markets and their customers, fashion forecasting, fashion graphics, illustration, photographic styling and promotional techniques, as well as actual design realisation projects through pattern creation and garment construction..

Students in their final year draw upon their skills and experiences over the previous three years to enable them to specialise in their year-long Final Major Project. They select to work in one of the 2 main areas of Fashion Product (menswear, womenswear, lingerie, performance wear, accessories or homeware) or Graphics and Illustration (magazines, trend books or graphic product). The students are also responsible for the promotion of their Final Major Project fashion concepts through such mediums as photographic styling, film, digital outputs and fashion graphics, as well as considering other forms of creative promotional activities. Student’s final work is then displayed at Reveal graduate design exhibition and the annual Sri Lanka Design Festival which are attended by key figures in the fashion industry.


CAD - photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign
Fashion Illustration
Fashion Design and prediction
Fashion Promotion
Textile Design, both artisan and industrial
Communication Skills
Visual Narative for promotion, magazines, websites, look books.
Pattern cutting


    This course is ideal for students looking for a course that offers breadth as well as depth; that teaches you how to turn a good idea into a great concept within a strong industry network. If you have an innovative mind and a creative vision this is definitely the course for you.


    Fashion Marketing Expert
    Fashion Designer
    Fashion Campaign Consultant
    Fashion Brand Manager
    Event Manager
    Fashion Show Manager
    Visual Merchandiser
    Fashion Editor & Writer
    Head Buyer
    Head Merchandiser
    Fashion PR Consultant
    Fashion Trend Analysis Market Consultant
    Fashion Entrepreneur
    Fashion Critic



    YEAR 1 (120 CREDITS)

    • MK0135 Fashion Marketing (10 credits)
    • DE0958 Brand and Message (10 credits)
    • DE1089 design realisation (30 credits)
    • DE1134 Contemporary design influences for Fashion Marketing (20 credits)
    • DE0853 design and illustration (20 credits)
    • DE1040 Learning skills through Fashion Marketing (10 credits)
    • DE0855 Fashion trend research (20 credits)

    YEAR 2 (120 CREDITS)

    • MK0259 Consumer Behaviour (10 credits)
    • MK0225 Marketing research Methods(10 credits)
    • DE1135 Concept Generation (20 credits)
    • DE0858 design realisation and Promotion 1 (30 credits)
    • DE0861 design realisation and Promotion 2 (30 credits)
    • DE1136 Fashion Futures (20 credits)

    YEAR 3 (120 CREDITS)

    • DE1137 research report and Marketing Plan (30 credits)
    • DE1138 Portfolio (20 credits)
    • DE0700 Major Project research (Fashion Marketing) (20 credits)
    • DE0607 designer Fabrics 3(Option) (10 credits)
    • DE0905 Graphic Promotion(Option) (10 credits)
    • DE1139 Pattern Cutting (Option) (10 credits)
    • DE0865 Concept realisation and Promotion (30 credits)
    • DE0608 designer Fabrics 4 (Option)10 credits
    • DE0729Fashion+Form+texture: digital Output (Option)10 credits
    • DE1140 Pattern Cutting 2 (Option)10 credits

    Courses at AOD - BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing Degree in Sri Lanka - Image 02

    By Anuradha Abeyasundera Graduate Fashion & Textile Design



    Fashion Marketing has gained an excellent reputation for producing award- winning, confident, flexible and professional individuals within the fashion- related industries who enjoy a choice of career opportunities in; Fashion Design, Trend Prediction, Buying, Marketing, Public Relations, Recruitment, Visual Merchandising, Publishing, Graphics and Styling.

    Designers and Buyers

    • Alexander McQueen 
    • Ted Baker Graphics 
    • Marks and Spencer 
    • Abercrombie & Fitch 
    • Formula One Designer for Puma 
    • Hollister 
    • River Island 
    • Jigsaw 
    • DAKS

    Own Business

    • L’Amour 
    • Love to Have 
    • Fleur of England 
    • Zoe Knight Bags-Accessories 
    • Rosie Willet Designs


    • Abercrombie & Fitch 
    • 24 Seven 
    • Vanessa Denza
    • Consultancy
    • Concepts Paris