BA (Hons) Visual Communication Design Degree / 3 Years Full Time

Graphic design is about communication in its purest form. Through the creative presentation of images, facts and ideas, graphic design tells a story, delivers 
a message and makes an impact combining creativity with commercialism, tradition with technology and information with imagination.This is exactly what the our conceptually driven Graphic Design degree achieves for its students as in introduces the student to the role of the professional designer as a visual thinker and problem-solver.

The first year of study provides an underpinning of knowledge and key skills prior to the more specialised approach of Years 2 and 3. This gives the learning experience depth and breadth. The direction each student may take is always supported by the programme’s main aim; to provide the profession with the most appropriate new design talent.

An underpinning of theoretical, historical, cultural and professional contexts is given throughout the programme via lectures, industry visits, study tours, visiting lecturers, live projects, entry to national and international competitions giving students significant industry experience.

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What our Graduates say about us…

Dihan de Silva
Dihan de Silva
Creative Director, Exotic Melon

My education at AOD helped me understand from the very traditional basics to the open-ended future possibilities of the profession; it’s a really great balance of both worlds. I think this education plus the international exposure I got at AOD by going to Cannes Lions in France and DesignYatra in Goa all helped me to bring up work to be more contemporary and in-sync with the rest of the world. The introduction of guest lecturers helped in understanding the fundamentals of local and international design and an insight to their cultural aspects in design. The visual communication design programme at AOD definitely laid down a great foundation for me.


Hash Bandara

Hash Bandara
Co-Founder, KINGS Co.
The exposure to International artists/designers and lecturers opened up my mind to newer possibilities. AOD’s culture is quite unique and it’s where I was nurtured to be a Creative Entrepreneur. It was more than just design education; it was an experience which changed my life.




What the Design Industry says about us…


Ranil De SilvaRanil De Silva
Managing Director, Leo Burnett Sri Lanka
AOD has always produced outstanding young talent and the diversity of thinking of the students and work is different. Above else I feel there is a new design language that is evolving from the work that is produced by AOD students.





Varuni Amunugama Fernando



Varuni Amunugama Fernando
Managing Director, Triad
I think design will play a big part in taking local products and brands to the next level by enhancing their value with good brand identity, packaging and so on. As someone in the design service sector, this is very encouraging. It is great to see that Sri Lanka has the correct design education and training, especially with industry forward educators like AOD paving the way ahead.



Neela MarikkarNeela Marikkar
Chairperson, Dentsu Grant Group
We believe that today’s young creative talent must be nurtured and encouraged to meet their growing aspirations. The creative and design industries are also constantly looking to hire bright young individuals in the creative and design fields and the opportunities for employment are growing every day. As the leading communications group in the country we are encouraged with the role that AOD is playing in helping to meet this need by joining forces with the Northumbria University-School of Design of UK. No doubt this will be a great boost not just in Sri Lanka. 


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