BA (Hons) 3D Product Design

3D Design BA (Hons) engenders a creative, analytical and skillful approach to the designing and making of products and furniture. You will join a community of staff and students who share a firmly held conviction that an understanding of how to make something leads the designer to better understand the logic of use, the potential for beauty and the ability to place the activity of design in a broader cultural, environmental and economic context.

A creative studio culture and thoughtful workshop practice engenders an understanding that however ephemeral a trend or how immaterial a technology or intuitive an interface might be, manufactured ‘things’ play important roles as the props and backdrop to the theatre of everyday life. The course vision is to create the most able graduates – primed to make significant contributions to their chosen field of professional design practice.


3D designer
Industrial designer
Product designer
Design manager
Product development consultant
Exhibition & event designer
Project Architect
3D Asset Creator
3D Modeler / Texture Artist / Illustrator
3D Modeler/Designer



    YEAR 1 (120 CREDITS)

    • AH4008 - Design Culture (Core,20 Credits)
    • DE4004 - Design Theory: The Designer, The User and their Technologies(Core,20 Credits)
    • DE4005 - Design Methods: The Lab, the Studio and the Workshop(Core,40 Credits)
    • DE4006 - Design Projects (Core,40 Credits)

      YEAR 2 (120 CREDITS)

      • DE5004 - Design: Atelier (Core,80 Credits)

      • DE5005 - Design: Context (Core,40 Credits)

      YEAR 3 (120 CREDITS)

      • DE6004 - Professional Design Practice (Core,40 Credits)
      • DE6005 - Major Design Study (Core,60 Credits)
      • DE6006 - Critical Design Evaluation (Core,20 Credit)