BA (Hons) 3D Product & Furniture Design Degree

furniture design

The designing and making of socially, culturally and economically relevant products is the focus of the Northumbria 3D Design degree at AOD. The programme is structured to develop confidence in students to communicate their ideas and understanding of design issues as well as the skills to translate concepts into reality. The intention is for graduates of the programme to make directional contributions to a growing professional practice demanded by businesses in Sri Lanka and abroad. Throughout the course we study function; looking at how products are used and examining in detail, their purpose. We help you to investigate the user experience and how you, as a designer, can enrich it. We do this in a variety of ways not least of which is by experimenting with materials and processes and finding new and innovative ways to apply these.

Is this Degree for you?

This degree is for those who love attention to detail and a serious commitment to making things work in a practical and creative sense.


3D designer
Industrial designer
Product designer
Furniture designer
Material designer
Lighting designer
Design manager
Product development consultant
Exhibition & event designer

3D product design



YEAR 1 (120 Credits)

• DE0828 Design Communication (30 Credits)
• DE0829 Industrial Design Theory (30 Credits)
• DE0830 Industrial Design Practice (30 Credits)
• DE1041 Learning Skills through 3D Design (10 Credits)
• VA0415 Design Cultures (10 Credits)
• VA0417 Design for Society (10 Credits)

YEAR 2 (120 Credits)

• DE0508 Detail Design Development
& Product Specification (10 Credits)
• DE0842 Workshop Processes (20 Credits)
• DE0843 & DE0844 Design for Production 1 & 2
(40 Credits)
• DE0845 Design Analysis and Innovation (20 Credits)
• DE0846 Computer Aided 3D Design (10 Credits)
• VA0522 Design in Context (20 Credits)
• Industrial Placement

YEAR 3 (120 Credits)

• DE0665 3D Advanced Design Practice (20 Credits)
• DE0666 Design Research Proposal (10 Credits)
• DE0667 3D Major Design Project (30 Credits)
• DE0668 Critical Design Evaluation (20 Credits)
• DE0908 3D Design Practice Competition (20 Credits)
• VA0600 Design Report (20 Credits)